Villas in Alonissos

An unspoilt paradise just a few hours from Athens, the island of Alonissos, is a true hidden gem and the least famous among the Sporades islands. Alonissos is a destination of unique beauty and class, as it combines the green landscape where the pine trees reach the water in its crystal clear, turquoise water beaches, with the elegant, alternative quality restaurants and bars where you can dine listening to classical or jazz music.

Alonissos is an island where the Italian effect is still obvious, coming from its long connection and origins with the neighbouring country. Home  of the protected species Monachus monachus seals, and  the recently opened first under water museum, Alonissos will leave both nature lovers and  culture seekers thrilled. It is a great destination for families who wish to spend relaxed holidays listening to the sounds of nature, but also a fantastic out of the box option for couples or groups or friends who wish to explore a new destination that has so much to offer to the most demanding visitors!

Villa Sabbia
€900-1.100 / night

Small gems, beachfront, great views, pool, privacy


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