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Villas in Crete

Home of the Minoan civilization, the earliest civilization known in Europe, Crete is the largest and most popular of the famous Greek Islands. In an extraordinary manner, it manages to combine great touristic development, with its original character and unique culture.

With 3 international airports hosting thousands of flights every year, Crete is a destination for all kinds of holiday-seekers: From nature lovers that lavish the calmness and enchanting colors of spring, to summer enthusiasts that crave for endless golden coasts and cocktails by the sea.

With over 1,000 km of coastline, Crete is every beach lover’s earthly paradise. Visitors from all over the world are coming to Crete to find sandy beaches, golden coasts or small hidden gems, and enjoy the hundreds of beaches and the crystal-clear waters.
Crete is also the home base of the notorious Mediterranean nutrition. It will introduce you to amazing local products, tastes and combinations and will leave even the most demanding food lovers, absolutely excited.

A land of hundreds of picturesque villages, rich history and culture, hospitable people, and most importantly sunny weather most of the year. For this reason, it is a destination that has truly managed to extend its touristic season to cover practically all year long.

For those who seek privacy and a high level of accommodation experience, a luxury Villa in Crete is the best match for your next holiday: Top-notch villas providing amazing sea views, combined with services of the highest level, will make your stay one to remember for life.

Villa Helios
€2,500-3,600 / night

High end, beachfront, family & groups,


Villa Hesperis
€2,500-3,600 / night

Beachfront, high end, family & groups