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Olive Villa Rentals was created when an enthusiastic hospitality expert, a passionate professional in Consulting
& Auditing and an ex Marketing Director from Blue Chip companies, decided to join forces and turn their life hobby into their dream job. Michalis, Thanassis and Nikos, the Olive Villa Rentals team, is at your service: Attention to detail, a deep understanding of your diverse needs, and a natural talent for creating memorable holiday experiences is what you will get. Guaranteed!

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Michael Folas

Engineer & MBA holder with 15 years experience in project management & corporate financial services. Since 2015 Michalis has pursued his ambition/dream to establish his own company & focus on Hospitality Services, providing the same level of commitment and attention to detail. What you will love about him: He will listen to your needs and desires tirelessly, you can use him as your alternative therapist. What the others hate about him: he is always the one who gets the best reviews.

Thanassis Sarellas

Passionate traveler, Thanassis has visited practically every inch of the Greek territory for more than 15 years, acting as a trusted consultant or an auditor for the most accredited hotels and touristic accommodations. What you will love about him: he will put your wishes down on an excel spreadsheet. What the others hate about him: he will get all the budget numbers right. Every time!

Nikos Anastasopoulos

P&G, Philips and Richemont Group, a few of the companies that Nikos has held leadership positions over the past 15 years. After having lived in 5 different countries, Nikos decided to move back to his home country and do what he loves best: Work on his own company and promote the beauties of Greece to our international guests. What you will love about him: he has the best tips when it comes to local tavernas and restaurants. What the others hate about him: he doesn’t share them with the rest.

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