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  • A travel in time: a unique, peaceful island where no cars are allowed
  • Perfect destination for both families and groups of friends, with an upscale crowd
  • Excellent sea food & top quality restaurants & bars
  • Superior, high-end properties and unmatched services
  • Perfect starting point for daily cruises & island hopping

Villas in Hydra

Though small in size, Hydra is huge in terms of beauty and charming scenery, making it a perfect getaway for those who are seeking a relaxed and enjoyable holiday.

Despite its high-profile reputation, the island remains endearingly time-warped: as a listed architectural reserve, all new construction is banned and the town remains blissfully free of motor vehicles.

Taking a stroll around the harbor is an activity so simple yet so special. The hill above the harbor provides some magical views out towards the sea, and is ideal for enjoying a wonderful sunset. Scattered all over Hydra are about 300 small churches which are well worth visiting if you have the chance, and offer a wonderful insight into the religious history and traditions of the island. Hydra also has some excellent beaches that are ideal for the summer months, or you can swim off the rock platforms around the corner from the main port.

Villa Violet
Villa Violet

Unique traditional style, memorable views, family & groups

Villa Begonia
Villa Begonia

Luxury accommodation, unique traditional style, family & groups