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  • The most organized snow center in Greece, just a couple of hours from Athens
  • Great properties, located both remotely or very close to the center of activity
  • Perfect option for families or groups of friends
  • Famous for its nightlife, great restaurants and the nearby Delphi cultural heritage landmark

Villas & Chalets in Parnassos, Arachova

Home of the biggest and most popular snow center of Greece, Parnassos mountain has in fact a lot more to offer to its visitors, than just snow sports. 

With the famous Arachova village as the starting point and center of activity, the surrounding areas have so many experiences to offer, that will leave no-one unsatisfied.

Dozens of local restaurants, from small tradtitional tavernas serving local delicasies to the most finessed, cosmopolitan ones, will cover any taste. The famous Arachova nightlife attracts both Athenians and tourists, seeking for a relaxed drink, or even more, after a day on the mountains. 

From small, cozy holiday homes, to luxury chalets peacefull located in the valley around Arachova, visitors can enjoy unforgettable holidays especially in witer time.

The notorious Delphi precinct, just a few minutes’ time from Arachova, is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, and apart from its cultural value, it provides breath-taking views and attracts thousands of enthusiastic visitors.

Chalet Parnasse
Chalet Parnasse

Secluded, family & groups, ski resort

Chalet Sapins
Chalet Sapins

Chalet, family & groups friendly , relaxation