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If you share our love for the attractions and beauties of Greece, our devotion for serving our customers in the best possible way, our enthusiasm for making long lasting bonds with our guests and our excitement for creating magic out of every day moments, then you might want to meet us in person. We are in constant search for new ideas and dynamic, forward thinking professionals, active in the catering and tourism sector to be our partners in crime.

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And broaden your thinking and your business horizons Are you the one who makes decisions in your group? Are you looking to open up your professional experiences ? Exchange original ideas and out of the box concepts? Are you looking for a trusted partner that will help your business grow and progress?

We are looking to built strong partnerships with the most demanding professionals.


…or simply group leaders that look for the best possible proposals for their holidays!


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We manage over 300 exceptional villas throughout Greece and its islands. Get personalised recommendations from our team to help find the perfect villa for you and your guests.