Villas in Koufonisia

The two tiny islands that make up the island complex of Koufonisia (Upper Koufonisi and lower Koufonisi), are undoubtedly two small pieces of paradise in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

With less than 500 inhabitants and merely 6km wide, the island of Upper Koufonissi, the only inhabited among the two, is a magical location with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, hidden coves and natural pools.

Once a hideaway place for the pirates of the Aegean, the island still keeps its old times charm and beauty. Recently, it has become a really popular place for holiday makers that seek for a vehicle-free, stress-free destination: Time in Koufonisia passes by really fast when you sit under the revitalizing sun, walk around the narrow streets of the small village and enjoy a cocktail under the stars…You will certainly come back for more!

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