Discover the Mountain of Centaurs

Discover the Mountain of Centaurs! Pelion is an all-year destination, where every season has a way to express its splendor.

The mountain Pelion is an all-year destination, where every season has a way to express its splendor. Whether you prefer spending your vacation on mountain or sea, Pelion will definitely suit your preferences. Vast plantation graces the landscape with vivid colors, while the green of the mountain is juxtaposed to the azure of the crystal waters, of either Aegean Sea or Pagasitikos Gulf, that lie below.

Pelion’s uniqueness lies in the endless possibilities it offers to visitors, all year long. Winter embraces the site and dresses the houses in white, creating the ideal environment for skiing or mountain hiking. The snowy spells slowly fade away, as colorful flowers bloom and spring comes and passes by to allow the intense sun to take over and warm the serene seaside areas. That’s when the crystal clear waters begin to sparkle and the golden beaches tempt you to spend the day lying on the sand, relaxing under the blue sky.


Pelion features many picturesque villages, (the largest of which are 25) of exceptional beauty, idyllic landscapes and verdant nature. The ones on the seaside have absolutely stunning sandy beaches next to the sapphire waters while most of them still preserve the traditional cobbled paths, leading the visitor to wide squares with great plane trees standing proudly in the middle, surrounded by small cafes and tavernas. The main villages are Makrynitsa, also known as Pelion’s balcony, due to the fantastic views it presents, Tsagaratha, a wonderful option for dining, not far from beautiful beaches where one can take up activities such horse riding and hiking, Zagora, Portaria, Milies, Argalaste (all these are large villages of traditional style), and Kissos which is the highest of the villages of the eastern Pelion, nestled deep inside the calm and rough vegetation of the majestic landscape.

Pelion offers exceptional beaches on both the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Those facing the Pagasetic Gulf are characterized by their tranquil waters, as they are totally sheltered. Some well-worth visiting beaches there are Kala Nera, Boufa, Afissos, Kalifteri and Paou.

Those opening to the Aegean Sea are located on the Eastern side of Pelion and are well-known due to the shootings of Mamma Mia movie that took place there.

Favorite beaches are Platanias, Potistika, Plaka, Lambinou, Mylopotamos, Damouchare, Aghios Ioannis, Aghioi Saranta.

Restaurants and Tavernas

In Mt. Pelion one can discover a great palette of flavors that shouldn’t be missed. Taste every local delicacy that comes to your plate, such as Spetsofai, dishes with local meat, Olive bread (Eliopsomo) and Cheese bread (Tyropsomo), spoon sweets and, above all, Tsipouro with Meze (that is a local alcoholic drink accompanied by small bites of food).

Many taverns are scattered on the mountain, all worth discovering, but here are our personal favorites:

Aghria Volos: O Tzimis (Jimmys) – Excellent Tsipouro with seafood meze (estimated – €15 – €25 per person unless you order fresh fish).
Kissos village: Restaurant – Taverna  Makis 5Φ – Meat and local specialties (estimated 15-20 euro per person)
Agios Ioannis: Restaurant – Taverna  Ostria – Meat and local specialties (estimated 15-25 euro per person)
Tsagarada: Restaurant – Taverna  Alekas – Traditional greek cuisine (estimated 15-30 euro per person)

Sites worth Visiting

As for what to do and see in the area, besides visiting the picturesque villages where you can enjoy coffεe/food or a drink in the pebbled squares under the shade of the Plane tree, there are a lot of cultural sites to visit in the nearby area:

  1. Volos Archeological Museum (Athanasaki Str, 1, Volos, tel. 0030 2421025285)
  2. Kompoloi Museum in Portaria (Tel. 0030 2428090190)
  3. Historical & Folklore Museum of Portaria (Tel. 0030 2421039644)
  4. Museum of Folk Art & Histoy of Mt. Pelion at Makrinitsa village (Tel. 0030 2421039644)

Don’t forget to take a ride on Pelion’s ‘open train’(characterized as Listed Historical Monument) which travels from/to the villages of AnoLehonia and Milies. A variety of local events and celebrations take place all year round in almost every village, so be sure to keep your eyes open for an extraordinary Mediterranean experience!


In case you are interested in recreation during your holiday, here is a list of useful telephone numbers:

Horse riding (tel. 0030 2421086107)
Hiking and mountain biking (tel. 0030 2421032171)
Diving excursions (tel. 0030 6974413586)
The ski resort of Pelion “Agriolefkes” near Chania village (operates from the beginning of December to the end of March / tel. 0030 2428092600)

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