Experience Tinos Like a Local

Tinos is an island with a variety of things to see and do, and it will enchant you no matter what you seek to find. Experience it like a local!

Tinos is an island with a variety of things to see and do, and will enchant you no matter what you seek to find during your vacation.Here are our personal favorites to give you an insight on how to experience Tinos like a genuine local:

A great choice is Agios Romanos. It is not crowded neither windy, so you will definitely enjoy each moment spent here. It has a great little cafe-restaurant named Kohili (Κοχύλι). The nearest way to find Kohili is to enter the beach from its left – as you face the sea – entrance.

Another good choice is Kalivia (Καλύβια) beach which is sheltered from the winds on its right side, it is not very crowded and a part of it is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. A small beach bar will meet your needs for refreshments.
Another option which is not too windy is Agios Ioannis Porto (ΆγιοςΙωάννηςΠόρτο), a beach that gives you the choice to have a bite or your coffee at the beach, again partially equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

A beach that is well-known and popular in Tinos is Kolibithra (Κολυμπήθρα).Truth be told, there are some days when the wind is strong, which causes big waves to rise. However, since the beach consists of two gulfs, the right one is rather wind-proof. On the other hand, the beach is well-organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sport activities, cafes, tavernas etc. that make up for the few windy days during summer.

Another interesting place to swim is a part of Agios Fokas beach, called Marathia. Marathia is actually a beach bar (as well as a tavern) where you can enjoy finger food, coffee, fresh juices etc while relaxing on the sunbeds. We would recommend Marathia tavern for a lunch after swimming – the cost is about €25 per person.

Two more choices that are suitable for a quiet time by the sea are Santa Margarita (Σάντα Μαργαρίτα) and Livada (Λιβάδα). Keep in mind though that you in case you want to grab a bite you have bring food home –the same goes for water as well. Santa Margarita and Livada have two primary disadvantages: i) they maybe get windy sometimes (Livada sometimes has big waves as well), and ii) there are country road parts on the way that makes it a little difficult to access them.

All the above, except for Livada – which is rocky and relatively unique, are sandy beaches, as most of the beaches in Tinos.

Restaurants and Taverns
Villa Alcyone

1) The tavern called Vasilis (Drosia) – Βασίλης (Δροσιά) at Ktikados (Κτικάδος) Village (mostly meat and traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, priced €15-25 per person, great views).
2) A small tavern called Tsampia (Τσαμπιά) at Kionia beach (mostly meat and traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, €15-25 per person)
3) A small well-hidden tavern called Katoi (Κατώι) at Smardakito (Σμαρδάκιτο) Village (traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, €15-€20 per person)
4) A tavern with fish and mostly seafood, in Hora (Χώρα) – the town of Tinos – called Agira (Άγκυρα), €20-€30 per person.
5) A little tavern in Hora (Χώρα) – the town of Tinos – called Malamatenia (Μαλαματένια) mostly traditional Greek cuisine and some seafood as well, about €15-€20 per person)
6) A tavern called Thalassaki (Θαλασσάκι) at OrmosIsternion (Π. ΌρμοςΥστερνίων). This one is the most famous tavern in the island. It is greatly placed (by the sea) and has Mediterranean creative cuisine based mainly on fish and seafood, around €40 per person.

Villages Worth Visiting
You should definitely visit Pyrgos (Πύργος), home of some of the greatest Greek sculptors with great inheritance in marble carving. The Museum of Marble Arts and the Marble Carving department of the National School of Fine Arts are located there as well. The Village of sculptor GiannoulisChalepas (Γιαννούλης Χαλεπάς), Kardiani (Καρδιανή) offers great views and is ideal for a short walk. In Falatados (Φαλατάδος) don’t forget to visit House of Sketch (Σπίτι το υΣκίτσου). In Volax (Βώλαξ) you can admire the incredible scenery.

Although Tinos is not famous for its nightlife, it offers a variety of bars that will definitely leave you satisfied.

We picked out Karybu in the ‘sokakia’ of Hora, which is cozy and stylish and Kaktos on the hill over Hora that presents a great view with a variety of good cocktails. And don’t forget, Salva’s on the way to Kionia, which is perfect for an early drink.

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