Olive Villa Rentals Featured in L’ÉPOQUE USA

We are very excited to announce that Olive Villa Rentals was recently featured in L’EPOQUE USA in a late October article praising one of the company’s most exquisite luxury properties, Villa Primavera.

The piece, titled “Uncovering the Charm of VILLA L’ÉPOQUE – Your Ultimate Greek Escape,” was entirely dedicated to the unique Athenian villa that recently doubled as VILLA L’EPOQUE for a single day. The occasion was an exclusive press and public relations event organized to celebrate the launch of the historic magazine’s Greek edition, as well as its worldwide collaboration with Olive Villa Rentals.

Villa Primavera – A courtesy of © L’ÉPOQUE – Photo by © Lello Ammirati

A grand salute to our stately holiday retreat, the article unfolds all of Villa Primavera’s unparalleled virtues, highlighting its idyllic location, abundant amenities, and ultra-luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces: 

“As you cross the threshold of the entrance, you stand directly in front of a large window that looks directly out to sea like a painting. A large living room flooded with light welcomes you to a stay full of well-being, comfort, and beauty.”

Villa Primavera is Olive Villa Rentals’ most prestigious jewel, having received numerous international accolades from prestigious hospitality awards. In 2022, our luxury property took silver in the “Luxury Villa of the Year” category at the Boussias Villa Awards. Most recently, it was named “Greece’s Leading Luxury Private Villa,” earning the number one honor in the 2023 World Travel Awards.

Villa Primavera – A courtesy of © L’ÉPOQUE – Photo by © Lello Ammirati

 Our highly acclaimed private property is located on the Athens Riviera, just a short drive from Athens and its bustling nightlife. Perched on a scenic hillside, it offers a unique opportunity to experience luxury on a whole new level with its palatial interiors and breathtaking exteriors overlooking the Saronic Gulf and the magnificent Aegean sunsets.

About Olive Villa Rentals: Olive Villa Rentals is a leading provider of exclusive hospitality services with a rich and versatile luxury villa portfolio covering the most acclaimed destinations across Greece.

About L’EPOQUE: The legendary French magazine was founded in Paris in 1845 and was recently acquired by the Nereides De Bourbon Group, which expanded its operations internationally with US, Italian, and Greek editions.  

Read the full article here.

Villa Primavera
€ 4.000 - 6.500 / night

High end, memorable views, pool, gym





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