Paros, The Summer Paradise of our Collective Daydreams!

Explore Paros, a timeless Cycladic gem. Enjoy diverse experiences, stunning beaches, and luxury villas for an unforgettable holiday with Olive Villa rentals.

Every summer, the Cyclades transform into a multilayered ecosystem of traveler tribes and diverse experiences. 

As the stage is set, each island plays its role: Mykonos is the socialite party hub, Milos is the couples’ retreat, Andros is the cultural beacon, and so on. In the middle of that colorful tableau, Paros is the aggregate of everything the Cyclades offer—cosmopolitan yet laid-back, international yet intensely local, partying like it’s New Year’s, yet lounging like summer lasts forever! 

A top holiday destination by all means, Paros welcomes thousands of visitors every year without losing any of its small island charm and genuine character. 

Paros, Greece

Ever popular yet uncluttered 

Paros was one of the first Cycladic islands to develop touristically, making it a popular destination for several decades. Yet, it remains relatively uncluttered, especially compared to some of its more revered neighbors. 

Here, experiences are pleasantly diverse but also distinct, as if they were meant to match different travelers’ needs. Parikia combines the qualities of a picturesque Cycladic village and a bustling port and nightlife hub. Naousa is the humble fishing village turned yacht dweller paradise. Lefkes breaks through the mainland’s ruggedness with its sun-kissed alleyways and neoclassical houses. 

Eventually, summer tribes cross paths, searching for their ideal spots: nature lovers to the North, water sports enthusiasts to the East, and so on. 

Paros, Greece

A stunning bouquet of golden beaches 

As one of the biggest Cyclades, Paros boasts a lengthy, lacy coastline adorned with beautiful, mostly sandy beaches—both large and small, bustling and low-key. 

For the party-loving crowd, organized beaches like Pounda on the eastern coast (there’s another Pounda on the West) offer all-day party hubs attracting large chunks of the island’s younger visitors. For beach-life purists, Paros has an unrivaled assortment of mid-size stretches of golden sand where sunbathers, swimmers, and families spend their holidays in complete relaxation mode. For something entirely different, travelers go to Kolymbithres in Naoussa Bay, the multiple sandy coves formed by sea-sculpted granite rocks. 

Crystal clear, bright golden, and aesthetically diverse, Parian beaches offer many different experiences, from serene, windless gulfs to the long, windy shores attracting the sportier types. 

International water-sports hub

Mykonos is the “Island of the Winds,” but Paros is blessed with a unique morphology, making it ideal for various exciting water sports, including competitive windsurfing. 

When the summer winds (or “Meltemia”) hit the island from the North, the straits between Paros and Antiparos, and the ones between Paros and Naxos, turn into the perfect stage for wind and kite-surfing aficionados. Pounda Bay in the West and Nea Chryssi Akti in the East become a massive tapestry of colorful boards, sails, and kites as amateurs and professionals flock from every corner to ride the Aegean waves. 

Riding on that trend, Paros has found its niche in water sports, even hosting international championship meetings and tournaments. 

Eat well, party hearty, repeat! 

Every summer, the island is brimming with visitors from all walks of life looking for carefree moments of pure summertime fun and authentic sensory experiences. 

Paros is rich in raw materials, local produce, fresh fish, and time-honored recipes and culinary traditions. Mix those with modern Greek and international cuisine, and you get one of the most exquisite selections of gastronomy-oriented eating spots in the Cyclades.  

After sundown, Paros offers several opportunities for dusk-to-dawn partying as an island of choice for the younger generations. At the same time, the more selective nightlife enthusiasts mingle in the pristine cocktail bars hidden in Naousa’s or Parikia’s whitewashed alleys, while the quiet types frequent the moonlight-adorned joints across the island’s beaches and picturesque villages. 

Antiparos, Greece

The quiet glamour of Antiparos 

One of the advantages Paros holds over other similar islands is Antiparos, its smaller sibling sitting just 10 minutes away from Pounta. 

While overshadowed by the famed Paros, the little island developed slowly but steadily, forming its own unique character and mixed “clientele.” The alternative crowd has mingled with international and local celebrities looking for a summer hideout for ages in the sandy beaches, cobblestone alleys, and fish taverns of Antiparos. Today, it still offers its trademark relaxed holidays and unassuming nightlife, albeit with a touch of barefoot luxury. 

Antiparos may not be the best-kept secret of the Cyclades anymore, but it’s the perfect companion to the more mainstream Paros. Besides, where else can you bump into Tom Hanks in an outdoor rock concert? 

Villa NinemiaParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Timeless luxury with a Cycladic aura

Today, luxury travel is linked to much more than palatial accommodations and exclusive amenities. It’s also about unique, authentic, local, and natural experiences. Paros has nurtured that combination well, becoming a sophisticated traveler’s dream. It’s up to you to turn it into reality by lodging in one of Olive’s select Parian villas. 

Villa PurityParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Purity 

Villa Purity is a modern-styled autonomous residence complex sitting on a rock on the northeast coast of Paros. Its ample indoor and outdoor spaces can provide up to 12 fortunate guests with a truly private retreat from crowded beaches and noisy tourist-ridden areas. Olive’s exceptional villa boasts a 22-meter swimming pool and an open-air lounge for enjoying the greatest luxury of all: the Aegean night sky. 

Villa SkynessParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Skyness

Just a stone’s throw from Parasporos beach, the purely Mediterranean-styled Villa Skyness welcomes up to 10 guests to spend their holiday in a unique architectural gem ideal for unwinding and recharging. Olive’s magnificent property offers everything a luxury traveler yearns for across its generous, earth-toned interiors and spacious, landscaped exteriors. Living up to its name, the villa boasts a mesmerizing sky view and a breathtaking infinity pool that seamlessly extends to the deep blue sea. 

Villa DolceParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Dolce

On a remote spot in the northern Naousa region, there’s a luxury property ideal for large groups of friends who want to enjoy their time together while popping nearby for high-quality dips, bites, or drinks. Villa Dolce invites up to 16 guests to the sweet life in an ultra-comfortable complex of luxury residences joined together by a vast saltwater swimming pool and a cozy outdoor lounge area. 

Villa NinemiaParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Ninemia

Ninemia” is a Greek word describing the tranquil stillness of a windless day. Olive’s Villa Ninemia sits on a serene slope, only a few minutes’ walk from the world-known Kolymbithres beach. Artfully designed to evoke its namesake ambiance, it can offer a quiet luxury experience and inimitable Aegean views to up to 12 guests across its main 3-floor villa and 3 guest houses. 

Villa ApolloniaParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Apollonia

Designed according to bio-climactic principles and its natural surroundings in mind, Villa Apollonia offers a unique luxury hospitality experience and direct walking access to one of the island’s most beloved beaches, Chryssi Akti. The minimal-styled, all-white property with the ultra-relaxing swimming pool is perfect for families and travelers yearning for a genuine slow-living, time-agnostic holiday. 

Villa GasparParos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Gaspar

Perched on a serene hillside on the rugged northeastern Parian coast, Villa Gaspar is a modern, Cycladic-styled property offering a soothing mix of human-made luxury and naturally meditative ambiance. Consisting of 3 independent buildings, a main house, a suite, and a guesthouse, it provides up to 14 guests with the opportunity to enjoy their holiday together and in private, having communal fun but also tuning out whenever they feel like it. 

Still trying to decide which Greek paradise perfectly matches the holiday of your dreams? Take a chance at Paros, and you’ll never look back! 



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