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Private Dining

Meet our Head Chef, Laura

Welcome to the Olive Villa Rentals Gastronomy experience. My name is Laura Sargenti and I’m the Head Chef here at Olive Villa Rentals.

I adore good food and the history behind it, and I work by the simplicity principals using premium products. Guided by my experience, I want to invite you to a journey around Greece that will stimulate your 4 senses. That’s why I have chosen, trained and supervised a brigade of chefs and cooks in order to make your stay an unforgettable experience.  

My goal is to show you how rich Greek gastronomy is, and I have personally created menus based on nutrition, habits and taste.

Every day, you will have the privilege to see one of my brigade chefs producing and explaining to you all your meals, talking about the ingredients we use, their history, their nutrition value, and their power of healing your body & soul (and of course you will have the privilege to taste everything first, lucky you!).You can jump in the kitchen whenever you want and have a private lesson for free.


My goal is to show you how rich Greek gastronomy is, and I have personally created menus based on nutrition, habits and taste.

An example of a Greek gastronomy journey

For your breakfast my team will prepare “Tiganites” a puffy dough fried in virgin olive oil, served with honey and nuts. “Dako” a rusk with fresh juicy tomatoes, capers, sea fennel, feta cheese, fresh oregano and olive oil, Boiled wheat  in Greek herbs with raisins, honey and nuts(Instead of musli) and “Kagiana”(instead of buttery scrambled eggs) there are scrambled eggs but fried in olive oil with tomatoes, feta cheese and oregano.

For appetizers you must try “Vlita”(summer greens) or hoary mustard (spring greens) boiled in monk’s pepper(chaste tree), “Skordalia” (a Greek garlic hummus) and spinach pie.

For main dishes you have to try “Savoro” fish, a recipe that has travelled through the seas with the Greek sailors for ages,  stuffed vegetables with wheat, herbs and feta cheese, “Hilopites” (homemade pasta) with scrimps and wild saffron, Souvlaki (no need for explanation I think) with juicy sheep meat.

For dessert, “Karpuzopita”(watermelon pie with honey and sesame or “Koufeto” (the wedding spoon sweet), yellow pumpkin, honey and almonds and many more.

Every day we use salt that is collected by hand from the rocks (fleur de sel), extra virgin olive oil, fruits and vegetables from organic farms and other ingredients from small producers all around Greece.

Let’s choose the menu together

Book your villa and let’s choose together one of the menus I created, or let’s create one together based on your needs:

I will be by your side every step of the way, to customise our menus based on your specific needs.

Your Head Chef Laura Sargenti


Contact us at
to tailor bespoke services based on your needs

Sample Menu

For Breakfast
Seasonal fruits, yogurt, honey, homemade jams, dakos (rusk bread, olive oil, tomatoes, feta cheese),
tiganites (Greek pancakes with honey and walnuts), kagiana (eggs, tomatoes, feta cheese),
Greek coffee, Greek tea (mountain herbs or salvia), fresh orange or lemon juice

For Lunch or dinner
Greek boiled greens (Vlita or almira), Greek Salad, Eggplant salad,
Beetroots salad with garlic hummus and parsley, Israeli Salad,
Green salad with citrus fruits sauce and melon, tabule salad
Cheese pie, Spinach pie, Fava beans with caramelized onions, tzatziki,
butter beans with orange a sausages in the oven, ceviche, crayfish or shrimps tartar,
carpaccio, marinated fish, savoro, and bruscette

Main dish
Stuffed Vegetables with potatoes with feta cheese dressing.
Orzo with veal in red sauce, beef tagliata with rocket salad, parmesan and truffles,
mousaka, pasta with homemade pesto, greek pizza (ladenia),
frutalia (omelette with potatoes and sausages), pasta with salvia and dry aged goat cheese,
or with cheese and fried egg on top, chicken fillet with yogurt and mint and zucchini, grilled lobster
(or shrimps) or pasta, grouper in citrus fruits sauce in broth and boiled vegetables,
orzo or risotto with cuttlefish ink,
stuffed calamari with basil pesto with almonds and pistachio,
sea bream with capers or sea fennel pesto and pomodori, octopus with truffles.
We can organize a Bbq, or a pizza night

Mastiha ice cream, rizogalo (rice pudding) with rose syrup,
koufeto spoon sweet with yogurt, watermelon pie, melon gel ly, submarine


Please inform me about any allergies, intolerance, or special request, to create a custom menu for you