Reasons for you to book a private villa for your next vacation


Today, the hospitality industry offers vacationers many options for organizing the holidays of their dreams. Among them is one that’s on the rise, slowly becoming a favorite for individuals, couples, and families looking for the most luxurious and relaxing vacation they have ever had.

Luxury villas are architectural masterpieces sitting in secluded, breathtaking locations across the world. They are artfully designed to provide luxury, privacy, relaxation, and a unique overall experience.

Just imagine staying in the most extravagant hotel. Now suppose you are the only guest, and everyone is at your service. That’s what it’s like to stay at a private villa!

The home you wish you had

First and foremost, a villa is nothing like a hotel room. It’s a home. In fact, it’s probably the home you wish you lived in.

Private villas check everything you might want from your dream home, plus some more. The rooms are spacious, well-lit, and fully equipped. The outdoor spaces are comfortable, relaxing, and completely private. The amenities are endless, the view is stunning, and the energy is flowing. Housekeeping, check! Spa and wellness, check! Baby-sitting, check! Chef-cooked meals, check! Infinity pool, check! Tennis or Basketball, check! And the list continues.

Check your daily grind at the door

Going on vacation means stepping away from what you must do every day. Yet, it’s not rare to spend half the time doing exactly that.

That’s why private villas offer the perfect holiday sanctuary. Because your stay can be fully customized to fit your every need. Besides standard services, villas provide personalized support. You just have to ask for it and share your preferences, and the staff takes care of everything. Then, you have plenty of carefree time to enjoy the luxuries your villa has to offer and the fun activities your hosts can arrange for you.

Have you ever been the guest of honor?

After long periods of hard work and no fun, it’s only natural to feel like you deserve a little pampering.

All around the world, luxury hotels offer all-inclusive packages that promise to have everything you need at your feet. But you’re still one of many guests sharing the same services in the same facilities. On the other hand, a private villa welcomes you as its only guest — a real guest of honor. Every luxury, facility, service, and comfort is available exclusively to you to savor in your own time.

Beautiful experiences are better when shared

Most of the time, we like to spend our holidays with loved ones, because what good is having a great time if you can’t share it.

Private villas are perfect for small groups of people who want to spend as much time together as possible. Simply put, a spacious villa is the ideal setting for winding down, kicking back, and living it up with the ones you choose to enjoy your vacation with. They offer endless options for group fun and plenty of room for everyone to relax and even have some alone time if needed.

Sunny, airy, roomy, personal!

Think of your ideal holiday retreat. Now, let’s guess. It has ample spaces where no one can roam around but you, the sunshine, and the fresh air.

What you’re thinking of is a private luxury villa. You’re longing for a quality residence built to provide the finest living conditions a vacationer could ask for. And you’re right. Villas offer superior accommodation experiences in their extra-comfortable, well-lit, warm, and airy interiors. And they guarantee your peace and privacy every time you unwind in their discreet and calming outer spaces.

Mixing work and vacation has never been more relaxing

For most of us, the holidays never feel enough, and we always need more of that relaxation and sweet escape.

Now that remote work is a staple, the answer may be to prolong your vacation and bring your working hours into the mix. A luxury villa allows you to work in the best environment possible and still fully enjoy your holiday with your company. Villas offer everything necessary for you to work uninterrupted and be as productive as anywhere. The difference is you can begin your lunch break with a quick dip in the infinity pool!

So, are you ready to find the perfect villa for your next summer break? If yes, you’re welcome to take your pick from over 250 villas all over Greece and let Olive Villa Rentals offer you an unforgettable personalized hospitality experience.



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