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An introduction to Spetses


Geography & history


Spetses is a small gem in the Saronic Gulf, located very close to Argolida coast, in the western Peloponnese prefecture. The island of Spetses has an area of ​​27, and a beautiful coastline of about 29 km. Its population is about 4,000 inhabitants, but during summer, the island hosts about 5 times this number, or even more.

During the 18th century, the island flourished and developed into a naval, spiritual and economic power of the time.  It is well known that the contribution of the Spetses’ fleet was decisive for the outcome of the Greek revolution.

Nowadays, the island has become one of the most popular holiday destinations both for the Greek and foreign upper classes, as it holds a strong connection with its proud, aristocratic past and provides excellent accommodation and recreational services.


Spetses on a quick view


​​Arriving at the new port of Spetses (Dapia), you cannot avoid falling in love with this small piece of paradise. The old captains’ mansions, perfectly preserved and in full harmony with the flowering bougainvilleas and the historic landmarks, create a capturing scenery.

Spetses is a small island and almost all activity takes place around the new & the old port, so your access to most of the parts of the island is very easy.


Villa Arte – Spetses, just a few minutes’ walking time from the port.

Visitors can enjoy the picturesque alleys, wander around the shops in the city center, taste unique dishes that combine Greek cuisine with modern touches in the many restaurants on Spetses. For the night lovers, the nightlife on the island is very vivid and provides lots of opportunities.

Most importantly, Spetses is a car-free destination! Most destinations are accessible either on foot or by bicycle/scooter. However, transfers can also be made by one of the very few taxis operating on the island or by the picturesque horse carriages. What could be more relaxing and romantic than a magical route on the coastal road of the island, gazing at the old traditional captains’ mansions, as the sun sets before your eyes, creating a fabulous color palette?


Spetses Chariot
A beautiful promenade with a horse chariot

How to get to Spetses


Spetses is one of the most popular destinations, because it is very easily accessible. You can get there either by car through Costa bay, or by boat from Piraeus port.

  • If you plan to travel by boat, there are hydrofoils leaving from Piraeus to Spetses on a daily basis. The trip lasts about 3,5 hours.
  • If you want to be flexible about your arrival/travel time, you can always travel by car. First you drive to Costa bay in the Peloponnese (distance from Athens is 180 km, about 2,5 hours’ drive). From Costa, a sea taxi will take you directly to Spetses in 5 minutes.
  • Another exciting option, is to travel directly from Athens  to Spetses in a motor-yacht, combining  your transportation with an unforgettable day trip!


Feel free to contact Olive Villa Rentals  in order to arrange for you a relaxing, safe trip with a private transfer.





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