This summer, travel off the beaten track for an unforgettable Greek holiday

Plan your dream summer vacation in Greece with Olive Villa Rentals. Discover luxury properties tailored to your personality on Santorini, Kea, Crete, Serifos, and Kefalonia.

As a bonafide summertime haven attracting heaps of tourists every year, Greece might give the impression that there’s nothing hidden under the Mediterranean sun anymore.

Yet, for the restless traveler always looking for new places, experiences, and flavors, Greece still has many hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-track destinations to choose for an exceptional holiday. While the masses pile up in Mykonos, Rhodes, and Corfu, the eclectic crowd picks other types of islands that offer far more exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Just choose a lesser-known island that fits your type and take off for a fascinating summer adventure.
Wherever that is, Olive Villa Rentals will be there to provide you with the best and most luxurious hospitality experience.

Villa Luna – Tinos – Olive Villa Rentals

Spiritual travelers lose themselves in Tinos

Tinos is a place of pilgrimage, bearing the name of its patron, Madonna. However, beyond Chora, other spiritual endeavors beckon, more connected to nature, art, and the pure Cycladic mystique.

Bewildered by the island’s infamy as a religious destination for the Greek Orthodox, few people dare scratch the surface to unearth a refreshingly diverse Tinos. If you do, prepare for otherworldly natural landscapes, secluded beaches, culture-heavy villages, Roman Catholic hubs, palate-tickling gastronomy, obscure art galleries, and a rich tradition of marble craftsmen and sculptors.

Villa Luna – Tinos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Luna goes under the otherworldly category, hanging from a rocky hillside overlooking the small Kalyvia beach. An architectural gem and the epitome of quiet luxury, it offers endless moments of serenity and spirituality under the generous Aegean moonlight.

Villa Colette – Kea – Olive Villa Rentals

True cosmopolitans mingle with the Kea crowd

Kea (or Tzia) is the closest Cycladic island to Athens and a bonafide cosmopolitan hub for high-brow weekend travelers, vacationing celebrities, and yacht dwellers.

Dotted with the countless summer retreats of well-off Athenians, Kea transforms from a quiet, picturesque, and history-heavy island into a bustling summertime oasis during weekends. Locals and tourists mingle with jet-setters, sharing fun and savory experiences in the island’s cool bars and colorful tavernas.
So, why not do it like an Athenian and start your Kea experience from a summer villa?

Villa Colette – Kea – Olive Villa Rentals

For ultimate comfort and privacy, choose Villa Colette, an ultra-luxurious Cycladic-style property with a helipad,
a private tennis court, and a beach-style infinity pool that feels like dipping into the Aegean sea.

Villa Isolde – Kea – Olive Villa Rentals

For a ton of sophisticated fun, choose Villa Isolde, a modern, lavish 3-level villa only a 10-minute walking distance from Vourkari, Kea’s most vivid and cosmopolitan corner.

Villa Delight – Antiparos – Olive Villa Rentals

The quiet types find their peace in Antiparos

Far from the hidden paradise it once was, Antiparos reaped the fruit of its rising popularity but kept the timeless ingredients of its recipe for laid-back, carefree holidays intact.

As the ferry leaves the crowd-pleasing Paros behind, the sole promise of a summer experience transcending mainstream luxury and outdated desires titillates the senses. Antiparos is much more than the eye can see,
from the historically significant islets and the world-famous cave down to the lacy, beach-lined coastline and the genuinely local cuisine.

Villa Delight – Antiparos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Delight’s four independent houses incorporate all the island’s traits: the rugged landscape, the Cycladic minimalism, and the barefoot luxury to offer guests an unforgettable, truly off-the-beaten-track vacation.

Solymare Estate – Serifos – Olive Villa Rentals

Bohemian types break their conventions in Serifos

The Cyclades offer a diverse palette of holiday islands, some more crowded and vivacious and others, like the bare-bones Serifos, more laid-back and bohemian.

Boasting one of the most picturesque Chora’s in the Aegean, a hilltop maze of sundrenched alleyways, Serifos has gradually grown from a barren rock in the Aegean’s boondocks into a destination ideal for eco-conscious travelers looking for discreet luxury and authentic Cycladic landscapes, unscathed by touristic development
and monstrous constructions.

Solymare Estate – Serifos – Olive Villa Rentals

You cannot get more discreet than Solymare Estate, a 3-villa complex built to blend seamlessly into Vagia’s natural landscape, offering a unique hospitality experience on par with the island’s rough, unspoiled character.

Triumpho Estate – Kefalonia – Olive Villa Rentals

Parents soak their cubs in Kefalonian waters

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands, offering a series of juxtapositions:
sea vs. mountain, children-friendly vs. adventurous beaches, and easy-going vs. vivid port towns.

The stately Argostoli, the time-agnostic Lixouri, the picturesque Sami, the breathtaking Assos, and the cosmopolitan Fiscardo offer visitors different versions of Kefalonian summer. But above all, Kefalonia is a
family-friendly destination with many quiet, spacious beaches and a relaxed, stress-free brand of summertime living.

Triumpho Estate – Kefalonia – Olive Villa Rentals

That’s precisely how you’ll spend your days in Triumpho Estate, a beautiful traditional-styled luxury property amidst the lush Kefalonian country with a relaxing Tuscan-styled pool area and its private restored 18th-century olive oil mill.

Greece is full of unique destinations waiting for you to indulge in their natural beauty and exceptional attractions. And Olive Villa Rentals is waiting to provide everything you need for an ultra-comfortable stay!



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