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Corporate living has taken a big turn these days towards combining business with pleasure and team-building with self-improving experiences.

Hence, the rising need for luxury properties ready to accommodate business colleagues in ultra-comfortable spaces that offer opportunities for both co-working and co-relaxing! Just imagine coming out of a heavy-duty executive meeting in an airy lounge with uninterrupted Aegean views, only to enjoy a fresh cocktail by a dreamy infinity pool and a locally sourced al fresco dinner under the Cycladic moonlight…

However, large-scale villas are also perfect for other types of communal activities or events, like small-group yoga retreats, destination micro weddings, or exclusive corporate gatherings.

Diles EstateTinos | Olive Villa Rentals

Have you ever dreamed about getting tied to your special one in a remote chapel on a storm-tossed rock with only your closest friends as witnesses? Wouldn’t you love escaping your mundane routine into a rejuvenating collective experience amidst a serene Mediterranean landscape?

Modern professionals, travelers, and wellness enthusiasts have modern demands, and Olive Villa Rentals has them fully covered. Our handpicked large-group-oriented villas can be tailored to accommodate the most high-end, purpose-driven hospitality experiences.


Diles Estate: A private village on Tinos, the island of many villages

Nowhere in the Cyclades do we find more small hamlets hidden between the sun-drenched hills than on Tinos Island. So what’s more suited than taking your pack of colleagues, wedding guests, or yoga buddies and populating Olive’s unmatched small luxury village?


Diles EstateTinos | Olive Villa Rentals


Diles Estate is a traditional 8-villa complex created to offer an exclusive full-scale hospitality experience to large groups of holiday or business trip companions. Up to 48 guests can indulge in the lavish property’s amenities: the spacious bedrooms and lounges, the private pools and cozy terraces, the pergola, the BBQ, and the central pool bar that can host the most memorable parties under the Aegean moonlight.


Villa ZoeMykonos | Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Zoe: Authentic Mykonos nights in your private nightclub

In the “Island of the Winds,” the ever-popular and always sleepless Mykonos, friends, colleagues, or special-event guests can arrive en masse, share a hidden paradise, and create their own electric Mykonian experience. Villa Zoe, a luxurious retreat nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, offers an exquisite getaway experience, boasting spacious accommodations capable of comfortably hosting up to 26 guests.


Villa ZoeMykonos | Olive Villa Rentals

Zoe is Greek for “life” and the perfect name for a villa that offers a relaxing, energetic, and entertaining stay all at once. Just picture taking off with your “crew” and landing on the property’s private helipad. Are you there yet? Now, loosen up by soaking in the two ultra-soothing swimming pools, kick off a paddle tennis tournament in the villa’s private court, and refill your energy with a taverna-style al fresco dinner. Finally, dress up and party like Mykonos habitués in your very own basement nightclub!


Villa SealavieChalkidiki | Olive Villa Rentals


Villa Sealavie: A modern sanctuary on the beach-lined Chalkidiki

The verdant Sithonia Peninsula stands out for its wild beauty and is ideal for group travel and adventurous, nature-loving travelers.


Villa SealavieChalkidiki | Olive Villa Rentals

In the middle of Sithonia’s pine-laden west coast, near Elia Beach, Villa Sealavie offers a triple treat of identical luxury lodges with their own private pool, lush garden, and direct access to a small, secluded sandy beach. These three high-end architectural gems, with their spacious modern-style interiors and perfectly groomed front yards and pool areas, combine for an exclusive hospitality experience that can be shared and enjoyed by up to 22 fortunate guests.



Coco Villa ComplexParos | Olive Villa Rentals


Coco Villa Complex: Sharing the high life in the heart of Paros

In the cosmopolitan Paros, adrenaline always runs high, and spirits are never down. From the colorful port towns and villages to the long water-sport-ready beaches, the island offers ample opportunities for team activities and communal fun.


Coco Villa ComplexParos | Olive Villa Rentals


Coco Villa Complex, capable of comfortably hosting up to 24 guests, consists of 4 Cycladic-styled independent 3-bedroom villas, perfect for accommodating a diverse corporate team, a select group of event guests, or a small band of people with a common outlook and shared goal. If that goal is to enjoy a collective experience in a unique setting that combines quiet luxury, an otherworldly aura, and serene Aegean living, then Coco Villa Complex is nothing less than an absolute match.



Regenesis EstateTinos | Olive Villa Rentals


Regenesis Estate: A hideout in Tinos for 22 sunset hunters

Tinos Island might be the perfect destination for “bleisure” travel groups looking for a tranquil and inspiring environment or spiritually bound companions seeking to replenish their energy levels.


Regenesis EstateTinos | Olive Villa Rentals


Across its three ultra-comfy independent villas, Regenesis Estate can welcome up to 22 people to an unforgettable stay, whether for business, rest, fun, self-care, or all of the above. The unique villa’s guests can enjoy the privacy of their fully equipped bedrooms, meet up for business or pleasure in the roomy communal spaces, or soak under the sunset in the turquoise waters of the infinity pool.

Large-scale, super-comfortable, specially designed, and fully serviced, Olive’s grand villas are the ideal choice for group trips of any type, whether corporate weekends, destination weddings, wellness retreats, or exclusive one-of-a-kind happenings!



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