Meet our new villas: a bouquet of luxury, exclusivity, and opulence

Meet our new entries: a bouquet of luxury

Committed to delivering the finest luxury hospitality experiences, Olive Villa Rentals is constantly expanding its already rich portfolio.

Every year, we personally select a number of new villas to add to our carefully curated list of high-quality properties that meet every need, desire, and luxury travel trend. Based on our extensive experience as travelers and hospitality experts, as well as our keen eye for detail and stringent criteria, we carefully examine each potential new entry and only accept the crème de la creme into our selection.

In 2024, our handpicked villas combine diverse characters, fascinating locations, and all the high-end amenities and bespoke services Olive Villa Rentals is revered for.

Without further ado, here are our latest additions, a series of unique properties for one-of-a-kind experiences.

Villa Lauretta – Mykonos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Lauretta in Mykonos

One of our newfound Mykonian gems, Villa Lauretta is the ideal starting point for exploring both sides of the internationally beloved island: the bustling party haven and the serene Aegean-embraced sanctuary.

Villa Lauretta – Mykonos – Olive Villa Rentals

Standing on a hilltop near the quiet Houlakia beach, this unique luxury 3-level property can provide 12 fortunate guests with a clutter-free living experience in its relaxing interiors and ample exteriors. The aesthetically pleasing Cycladic minimalism is paired with breathtaking sea views and a shaded infinity pool that invites you to soak from dawn to dusk.

Villa Catalina – Kefalonia – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Catalina in Kefalonia

On the lush island of Kefalonia, where the mountains and sea form breathtaking scenery, summer takes on a variety of forms. One of them is serene and zen-like, suspended in the air between the towering slopes of Mount Aenos and the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Villa Catalina – Kefalonia – Olive Villa Rentals

Just like Villa Catalina. Olive’s most recent addition is a uniquely designed luxury property suitable for 6 privileged guests seeking an extraordinary, ultra-comfortable, Mediterranean-flavored vacation. Thoughtfully designed and cosy within, this beautiful villa has an equally amazing outdoor area that includes an infinity pool that opens up to a large sun-drenched terrace, a float-like lounge, and an outdoor fireplace!


Villa Mistral – Antiparos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Mistral in Antiparos

Antiparos Island is the epitome of a slow-paced, unadorned paradise for discerning travelers who want to relax, unwind, and escape the summer crowds that flock to Cyclades for the bustling beaches and salacious nightlife.

Villa Mistral – Antiparos – Olive Villa Rentals

Adhering to the everlasting “less is more” mantra, Villa Mistral awaits its guests in a well-designed environment that combines high-end minimalism with earthy undertones. The beautiful three-level villa with the ultra-comfortable pool-adorned terrace is the ideal sanctuary for a rejuvenating stay, close to the island’s picturesque port village but secluded enough to let guests enjoy the most serene Aegean nights.


Regenesis Estate – Tinos – Olive Villa Rentals

Regenesis Estate in Tinos

On the western side of Tinos, far from the religious travel vibes of the island’s Chora, luxury travellers can experience a “regenerating” brand of Greek summer holidays in a unique villa complex.

Regenesiis Estate – Tinos – Olive Villa Rentals

Regenesis Estate consists of three separate newly-built luxury villas, joined together by a spacious front terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea up to the opposite Syros Island. When not enjoying the privacy of the rustic interiors, the estate’s fortunate residents can share a traditional BBQ or just soak in the hotel-grade infinity pool that feels like it pours into the deep blue Cycladic waters!


Villa Amiata – Paros – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Amiata in Paros

Strategically located in a coastal spot in the heart of Paros Island, Villa Amiata is an exceptional luxury property that looks and feels like a private oasis under the scorching Greek sunlight.

Villa Amiata – Paros – Olive Villa Rentals

The villa’s main house and ultra-comfortable guesthouses offer an exceptional brand of local-styled architecture and interior decoration, the perfect setting for an immersive Cycladic experience. However, nothing beats the villa’s oasis-like exteriors, which are adorned with numerous square meters of pools and fountains, as well as cozy lounge areas for relaxing under the starry Aegean skies.


Villa Astrid – Mykonos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Astrid in Mykonos

When we think of Mykonos, we cannot help but imagine the ultimate summertime retreat, the ideal sanctuary for everything our heart desires in a luxurious vacation.

Villa Astrid – Mykonos – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Astrid is the epitome of the Mykonian dream: a high-end luxury property with one-of-a-kind amenities, like the lower-level bedroom with an underwater pool view and a jetted pool for swimming against the current! The grandiose marble-adorned interiors can provide a lush hospitality experience for up to 18 guests, while the discreet Cycladic-styled exteriors offer ample opportunities for relaxation and stargazing gatherings.


Villa Narissa – Peloponnese – Olive Villa Rentals

Villa Narissa in Peloponnese

On a little corner on the vast coast of the Corinthian Gulf, there’s a newly built accessibility-optimized villa, ideal for either barefoot luxury enthusiasts or relaxation-seeking family vacationers.

Villa Narissa – Peloponnese – Olive Villa Rentals

A true ode to the essentials, Villa Narissa offers eight lavish en-suite bedrooms with a sea or garden view and an exceptional 2-bedroom King suite. Guests can unwind on their private terraces, enjoy a communal BBQ in the spacious outdoor dining area, or hop to the seaside for a private swim or SUP session. For a more lush experience, the bustling spa town of Loutraki, home to a world-famous casino, is just a short drive away.

Impressed much? Then, book one of our newest villas and let Olive Villa Rentals guide you through an unforgettable luxury holiday in the summer destination of your dreams!



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