Olive Villa Rentals Featured in The Times

A woman overlooking the aegean

We are beyond happy to announce that Olive Villa Rentals was featured in the Times Travel section of The Times Online, which was published on May 25, 2022.

The Times’ Travel Checklist features a selection of 10 top-quality products and services regarding hospitality, tourism and holidays, forming an essential guide to those seeking inspiration or recommendations for their next voyage.

This time, the article named “Ten great reasons to plan the trip of a lifetime this summer” featured a proposal list of the top 10 travel companies and destinations from all over the world that can provide you with the most fascinating summer holiday experience. Olive Villa Rentals was included, bringing Greece to a list amongst other high-end destinations.

Olive Villa Rentals was endorsed for its deep expertise and attentive approach in greek hospitality, its wide range portfolio, as well as its exceptional concierge services.

vila with infinity pool overlooking the sea

Your holiday experience is more than just a task to us. We make it our mission to provide you with the best luxury accommodations along with top-tier services for a complete high-end vacation experience. We are Olive Villa Rentals.

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Tourism Awards 2022: Three Awards For Olive Villa Rentals

three awards lined up at Olive Villa Rentals office with the view of Athens

For the second consecutive year, we are incredibly honoured to announce that the Olive Villa rentals team has won not one, not two, but three Villa Awards in the 2022 Tourism Awards ceremony! With 1 Gold and 2 Silver Awards, we could not be more proud.

Being part of the Tourism Awards, the Villa Awards is a lavish award ceremony where all the luxury rental enthusiasts come together, in order to reward the best villas and villa agents. A judging committee of experts in the area of hospitality and tourism evaluate and reward a variety of Greek luxury villas.
The love for villas, luxury and tourism is not a love that only we share, here at Olive Villa Rentals. It’s a passion that we share with many others. And it all comes together at the Villa Awards!




Villa Arte: Gold Award, category “Family Villa of the Year”

The ideal accommodation for families who seek luxury and privacy in the island of Spetses. Stone-built with high ceilings and spacious rooms, the Villa is a magnificent residence with a soothing, welcoming atmosphere, creating a tranquil environment.


Villa Primavera: Silver Award, category “Luxury Villa of the Year”

The utmost luxury and breathtaking views, just a breath away from the center of Athens. An accommodation that exceeds all expectations by providing spacious and chic interiors, a fully equipped private gym and an extraordinary infinity pool with amazing views of the Athenian Riviera.


Aphrodite’s Mansion: Silver Award, category “Traditional Villa of the Year”

A perfect rustic getaway in the magical landscape of Mount Pelion originally built in 1892 and later renovated by internationally acclaimed architects. Antique decorations, a picturesque open garden and a large swimming pool captivate even the most demanding guests.

Who we are:

Olive Villa Rentals is run by native Greeks with multinational backgrounds and experience. We are passionate travellers and helping you find the villa that best suits your needs while complementing the experience with concierge services is our way of sharing that passion. Our goal: To make your holidays in Greece an unforgettable experience.

Olive Villa Rentals featured in the Guardian

The Guardian - Olive Rentals

We are very proud to announce that Olive Villa Rentals was featured in The Guardian’s Travel Guide in association with the National Geographic Traveler, that was published on September 25, 2021, in the UK.

The publication featured relevant editorial throughout, presenting luxury escapes, city breaks and staycations, while highlighting the best hotels and villas in the world.

Olive Villa Rentals was featured in the “Luxury Travel” section and endorsed for its wide range of portfolio and exceptional services. Three of our exclusively managed villas were featured (Villa Pegasus in Spetses, Villa Primavera in Athens and Villa Delos Mare in Mykonos) as the editor’s top picks for an unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Our favorite quote from the publication: “When it comes to booking a holiday villa in Greece, it’s important to choose the right people to guide you through what may prove to be an unforgettable experience. Olive Villa Rentals will assist you in finding the villa that best matches your unique needs and take you every step of the way to your dream holiday”

The Travel Guide was distributed in 415,000 copies and was able to bring to life the magic of Olive Villa Rentals to the UK population. As the Guardian mentioned: “Greece is a country full of surprises, and you’ll want them to be good ones only — Olive Villa Rentals will make sure of it.”

About Olive Villa Rentals:

Olive Villa Rentals is run by native Greeks with multinational background and experience. Passionate travellers ourselves, we will help you find the villa that best suits your needs and complement it with exceptional concierge services. Our goal: Make your holiday in Greece an unforgettable experience.

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Tourism Awards 2021: Two Awards for Olive Villa Rentals

Olive Villa Rentals is proud to announce that it has received 2 awards at the Tourism AWARDS 2021. Olive Villa Rentals was recognised as one the leading Villa Management companies in Greece, in an event that took place on Thursday June 3rd 2021 at the Zappeion Hall, one of the most iconic venues in Athens Greece.

In the official announcement of the winners, Olive Villa Rentals received awards in the following categories:

  • Category “VIP and Luxury Travel”, Silver
  • Category “Branding and Corporate Identity”, Silver 

The award in the category “VIP and Luxury Travel” was received for the depth of high-end villas in the portfolio, and the 5* services provided to VIP guests all over the world.

The award in the Category “Corporate Identity and Branding” was received for the complete corporate re-branding and strong digital campaign that brought amazing business results during the 2020 season.

Olive Villa Rental’s Partner and Head of Marketing, Nikos Anastasopoulos said: “It is a great honour to be recognised by the most prestigious Tourism Awards in the country. This is the result of hard work from the entire Olive Villa Rentals team and a recognition of their effort. The best is yet to come!”

About Olive Villa Rentals:

Olive Villa Rentals is run by native Greeks with multinational background and experience. Passionate travellers ourselves, we will help you find the villa that suits your needs and compliment it with exceptional concierge services. Our goal: To make your holiday in Greece an unforgettable experience.

Your Personal Retreat!

Villa Emeralda in Corfu Greece, house 7, by Olive Villa Rentals

Olive Villa Rentals is excited to announce the Personal Retreat 2021 concept. This 5-star project will ensure all guests in our Villas will enjoy an even better overall experience! So, what you should expect is:

  • personalized services
  • more privacy & autonomy
  • additional health and safety features,

that guarantee an excellent stay in one of our Preferred Villas.

As a result of the recent events, we at Olive Villa Rentals have created the “Personal Retreat” concept: We offer our exquisite properties with additional services that will ensure our guests enjoy a unique accommodation experience and the opportunity to relax and eliminate the stress of the last period. The Personal Retreat concept includes, among others:

1. Carefully Selected Villas

Out of our selection of more than 150 villas, we have carefully handpicked Villas of all caliber, that match the following criteria:

  • Proximity to Airports & Direct Road Access: All our selected Villas are within 3 hours’ drive time from international airports. We can arrange your transportation, either by private luxury transfer or by organizing a transport rental for you if required
  • In addition, our Selected Villas provide everything necessary for a comfortable, luxurious stay: Pool, private beach, fully equipped kitchen, fast & reliable internet connection, large outdoor spaces

Villa Diamante in Porto Heli Greece, pool, by Olive Villa Rentals

2. Additional Services Available

Following the special needs of travelers nowadays, who highly value security and privacy, we have upgraded our existing services:

  • We have increased the number of days in-between arrivals from 1 to 2 days. This way we are giving our housekeeping teams more time to thoroughly clean and inspect the properties
  • Additionally, all our villas are professionally disinfected based on international sanitation standards
  • Upon request, we can either offer daily housekeeping services or provide you in advance with linen and towels that will cover the total of your stay, should you choose to not come to contact with anyone during your stay
  • Also, we will provide the highest health and safety measures at all stages of your trip (transport, stay, check out)
  • Similarly, our staff members are trained to take all necessary precautions during the provision of their services, as instructed by professional guidelines
Privacy & Autonomy

In our effort to provide you with the utmost privacy and autonomy during your stay, we can offer:

  • Full house pre-stocking, either by providing our suggested list or by simply fulfilling your specific needs
  • Cook services upon requirement, should you wish to have your meals in the Villa throughout your stay
  • Finally, in order to provide a unique, tailor-made accommodation experience, we have made sure that you can enjoy all the benefits of your destination in full privacy: Transfers (from a luxury min van to a private Jet or a Helicopter), day tours, boat trips, sailing & motor yacht rentals, personal training & wellness

Olive Urban Estate in Athens Greece, private gym, by Olive Villa Rentals

3. Flexible Policies

All our Preferred Villas have unique flexible policies, as they have:

  • Free of charge conversion to  18-months voucher, up to 14 days prior to arrival
  • No obligatory Saturday – to – Saturday check-in/out dates
  • No minimum stays of 7+ nights

4. Even better value for money Pricing

Taking into account all current conditions, we offer our preferred properties at excellent prices.

Similarly, all our services provided are offered at unmatched, value for money deals.

Villa Zoe in Mykonos Greece, house, by Olive Villa Rentals

A message of optimism by Michael Folas, Co-Founder of Olive Villa Rentals

“Dear friends,

All of us at Olive Villa Rentals feel that we have the privilege of living and working in true heaven on earth for holidays and relaxation. It seems that all this unprecedented situation will soon be in the past…Therefore we are more enthusiastic than ever and we cannot wait to share our little piece of paradise with you.

Just let us help you find the perfect place for you and your loved ones, and enjoy the best accommodation experience, in the most beautiful destination, Greece!”

Bringing Out The good News

Oliverentals.com is constantly improving its brand awareness by performing targeted marketing actions in global scale.

Oliverentals.com is constantly improving its brand awareness by performing targeted marketing actions in global scale.

We, the members of oliverentals.com, are proud to be present in the Inflight magazine of the 3rd largest European and 11th worldwide (based on 2014 full year data) airline, that is Easyjet.

Easyjet serves over 6.000.000 passengers on a more than 90% load factor on a monthly basis. On a rolling 12-month basis, as per April 2015 traffic data announced by Easyjet, the overall number of flown passengers exceeds 66.000.000.

Being able to deliver our message to the passengers of a world renowned airline is crucial, as it enhances our corporate profile while it proves our steady pace towards an extrovert approach through top-class partnerships.

Our marketing team focused on delivering to our prospective customers a clear and precise message: Oliverentals.com offers a selection of the finest villas in four geographic regions (Cyclades, Ionian Sea, Mainland and Athens) in the all-inclusive oliverentals.com concept (luxury, privacy, experience and services).

To further support our message, unlike a typical villa promotion advertisement, we took out all images and ‘flooded’ the specific marketing action with a rich, olive- alike, deep green color.