Paros, The Summer Paradise of our Collective Daydreams!

Explore Paros, a timeless Cycladic gem. Enjoy diverse experiences, stunning beaches, and luxury villas for an unforgettable holiday with Olive Villa rentals.

Every summer, the Cyclades transform into a multilayered ecosystem of traveler tribes and diverse experiences.  As the stage is set, each island plays its role: Mykonos is the socialite party hub, Milos is the couples’ retreat, Andros is the cultural beacon, and so on. In the middle of that colorful tableau, Paros is the aggregate […]

Summer on the Athenian Riviera: A Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Opulence


Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, fascinating history, and vibrant nightlife: This is the Athenian Riviera. A breathtaking coastline that stretches from the southern suburbs of Athens to the Saronic Gulf is an ideal vacation destination for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, high end living, or a mix of both, you are […]

Villas ideal for Large Groups, Corporate Retreats and Exclusive Events

Discover handpicked luxury villas tailored for corporate retreats, yoga getaways, and destination weddings. Explore our ideal villas now!

Corporate living has taken a big turn these days towards combining business with pleasure and team-building with self-improving experiences. Hence, the rising need for luxury properties ready to accommodate business colleagues in ultra-comfortable spaces that offer opportunities for both co-working and co-relaxing! Just imagine coming out of a heavy-duty executive meeting in an airy lounge […]

Easter in Paros: spiritual, vivid, Dionysian!

Every year, at the dawn of the tourist season, Greece slips into a devout state from top to bottom. It is the time of year when Greeks gather to celebrate Easter, or Pascha, which commemorates Jesus Christ’s suffering and resurrection. Easter, as one of Christianity’s most important holidays, holds a special place in the hearts […]

Spetses: An All Year Destination

When we think of small picturesque islands, we likely see them as perfect for romantic getaways but not ideal vacation spots for families or adrenaline buffs. But what if we told you there is a little island not far from Athens that offers a diverse vacation experience almost all year long? Spetses is blessed with […]

Porto Heli: Simple Pleasures Meeting High Life

Porto Cheli areal view

On the resort-packed Greek coasts and islands, few places stand out as bona fide high-end destinations, untouched by mass tourism and uncontrolled development. Such is Porto Heli, a seaside village that has doubled as the ideal summer hideaway for the Greek elite for many decades. Welcome to the “Hamptons of Greece” What combined qualities do […]

Spetses in Fall: A Fiery Bite of Greek History

arial picture of spetses

If you find yourself in Spetses during early September, you’re in for a special treat. It’s the time of year when locals commemorate their victorious battle against the Ottoman fleet during the Greek War of Independence. The renowned Armata festival offers locals and visitors a colorful blend of cultural events that peaks with the annual […]

Daydreaming of Summertime

Corfu town aerial picture

Corfu: Where European sophistication meets the beauty of Greece   The island of Corfu, located in northwestern Greece and a part of the Ionian Archipelagos, is one of the top travel destinations all year round. Its rich multicultural heritage is evident in every aspect of the island, from architecture to gastronomy. Picturesque allies, a cosmopolitan […]

Spetses beaches by Olive Villa Rentals

Beaches in Spetses

  Spetses Beaches   An island without beaches, is like a Greek salad without tomatoes! In Spetses you will not find the endless sandy beaches, but you will have the opportunity to swim in beautiful, crystal clear beaches, either in fully organized spots, or in hidden locations…even in some pristine coves! Just make sure you […]

Cosmopolitan Spetses, by Olive Villa Rentals


An introduction to Spetses   Geography & history   Spetses is a small gem in the Saronic Gulf, located very close to Argolida coast, in the western Peloponnese prefecture. The island of Spetses has an area of ​​27, and a beautiful coastline of about 29 km. Its population is about 4,000 inhabitants, but during […]