Start Planning your Summer Trip

the port of Paros island during sunset. Plan your trip

Summer is just around the corner and the holiday planning has begun! After months of dreaming about potential destinations, it’s finally time to decide on your summer vacation. But where should you start from? What are the things you should consider? Don’t worry, the Olive Villa Rentals team is here to help you plan your summer trip.

Choose your company

First step is to know who you’re traveling with. Are you planning a family vacation, a trip with a friend group, or a romantic getaway with your significant other?

Set your intention

What you are looking to experience during your stay is important when choosing the destination. But whether you are looking for an adventure or a peaceful experience, an educational trip or a relaxing getaway, a secluded or a cosmopolitan experience, Greece offers for them all!

Find your destination

Now that you have set your expectations and goals, it is time to choose the perfect destination.
Here we have 4 top summer destinations that answer to every potential need.


Mykonos is definitely one of the most luxurious summer destinations. The highlight of Mykonos is its vivid nightlife, with tons of clubs and bars turning every night into a party. It is the perfect summer destination for young adults. But also, the various high end restaurants, luxury villas and private beach bars, make Mykonos a great destination for big families who are looking for both seclusion and vividness.

Top picks for Mykonos

Villa D’Oro

Villa D' Oro in Mykonos Greece, pool view, by Olive Villa Rentals

The ideal choice for couples, families or friends who are craving for luxury and privacy. Amazing outside areas that don’t compromise the interior’s comfort make Villa D’Oro an ideal romantic, relaxing and rejuvenating sanctuary.


Villa Etoile lighted and its pool at nighttime

Villa Etoile is a 2020 fully renovated modern luxury villa, a true gem for families or large groups of friends who are seeking moments of privacy. Bohemian style with elegant touches and stunning views of the Aegean Sea can spoil even the most demanding guests. And a great bonus: it’s located just a few minutes away from the Chora of Mykonos


Athens is the perfect destination for families with children, being a city that provides everything: Cosmopolitan lifestyle, museums and historical monuments, beaches and a variety of other activities.

Top picks for Athens

Villa Primavera

Villa Primavera's pool and view

One of the most prominent villas in Athens, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the islets of the Athenian riviera. Villa Primavera adheres to the highest standards of construction and decoration. Enjoy serene moments in the luxurious interiors or the ambient outdoors, as well as at the private gym with the hammam.

Villa Serenity

Villa Serenity in Athens, pool view

As its name suggests, Villa Serenity has the ideal setup for moments of calmness and peacefulness. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and relaxing moments by the pool in the most privileged location, just a breath away from beautiful, sandy beaches.

Porto Heli

Just a few hours away from Athens, Porto Heli is a promising hideaway retreat with a unique combination: a truly luxurious lifestyle along with the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea. If you are looking for moments of privacy, while still being right next to a cosmopolitan nightlife and water sport activities, Porto Heli is perfect for you!

Top picks for Porto Heli

Villa Rafaella

Villa Rafaella's exterior and its pool.

An imposing villa with Mediterranean neoclassical character, a dreamlike combination of luxury, quality and beauty. Villa Rafaella is a true summer oasis that offers for serene moments by the large private swimming pool. Unwind yourself by the tennis court, or just experience the allure of the moment around the beautiful gardens.

Villa Magnolia

Villa Magnolia and its pools, at sunset. Plan your trip

Being a masterpiece of modern architecture, the luxurious Villa Magnolia is a lush sanctuary. Amenities of the highest standards, a private helipad, beautiful balconies and large windows that offer 360 of classic Greek views, offer the ideal setup for the absolute lavish experience.


An island that combines it all: Bustling cities with bars and restaurants, picturesque villages, water sports and beach bars. Paros is becoming more popular by the year and we can definitely see why! If you are a group of friends who want to experience a variety of summer activities, Paros should be at the top of your list when you are about to plan your summer trip.

Top picks for Paros

Villa Skyness

Villa Skyness, its pool and sun beds. Start planning your trip

A true paradise on earth. Elegant interiors with sophisticated design and stunning outdoors give a high standards aesthetic to its guests. Relax by the large infinity pool that offers a stunning 180° sunset sea view or wander to the front crystal-clear water beach and surrender to the summer breeze.

Villa Intime

the exterior of Villa Intime, and its pool.

With a design inspired by Cycladic architecture but also equipped with state-of-the-art design elements, Villa Intime offers for the absolute luxurious experience. Enjoy relaxing moments by the large swimming pool and the splendid lounge and dining areas. And for the sports lovers, a tennis court, a basketball court and a private gym will be waiting for you.

Let’s create memories together!
Discover more luxurious Villas by Olive Villa Rentals in 26 locations, all over Greece, and plan your summer trip today.

Easter in Greece: An Unforgettable Experience

The marching band of Corfu in red


Easter is one of the most important holidays in Greece, celebrated in spring. As by the Orthodox Church, the Greek Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the rebirth of nature during spring. Even if you are not a devout religious person, you can’t help but get moved by the ceremonies and the way life begins again after winter.

But let’s see what makes Greek Easter so special!

The Food:

Greeks definitely know how to combine good food with fun activities!
Dying hard-boiled eggs red, baking delicious twisted bread also known as “Tsoureki” and Easter cookies and cooking “Magiritsa” soup are some of the most popular traditions.
The highlight of the Easter feast is the spit-roast lamb, slow cooked and served with various appetizers.

The festivities:

The Easter celebrations last for the whole of “Holy Week”, beginning on Palm and ending on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday, people gather around the Epitaph, a symbolic funeral bier of Jesus Christ, completely covered in flowers, and start a long walk holding lit candles, in order to pay their respects. A beautiful ceremony that even though it has a melancholic vibe, it is a truly unforgettable experience.

The biggest gathering takes place on Holy Saturday for the Anastasi Mass, which marks Christ’s Resurrection. Just before midnight, all the lights are turned off and the priest holds up the light of the eternal flame and lights the candles the congregation holds. Then, the celebration begins and fireworks light up the sky in every neighbourhood, creating a joyous atmosphere.

On Holy Sunday, the Resurrection is celebrated with a big outdoor lunch, with the famous roast lamb and many other traditional delicacies accompanied by music, dancing and the red egg cracking game.

Where to celebrate the Greek Easter:

No matter the place, Easter in Greece is celebrated with glory everywhere. But Easter at the Greek islands is definitely the most vivid! Visiting a Greek island during Easter not only offers the opportunity of participating in unique local traditions but also of enjoying the magical springtime Mediterranean weather. Whether you are craving to visit the Cyclades or an Ionian Island, the top two places to be for an unforgettable Greek Easter are Paros and Corfu.


Easter in Corfu

aerial photo of Corfu

The truth is, visiting Corfu during springtime to celebrate Easter can be an unforgettable experience.
The local celebrations are one-of-a-kind and will fill your heart with festive spirit!

The highlights of an Easter in Corfu definitely include the parade of epitaphs from all of the Town’s Churches. 33 epitaphs, that symbolise Jesus’ age, take place in town, elegantly decorated with flowers and ultimately gathering at the center of the Town. The crowds gather and follow the epitaphs, holding lit candles that light up the night, accompanied by philharmonic orchestras, each of which performs a special piece of music for the occasion. The procession of the majestic epitaph of Corfu Cathedral, which leaves the cathedral at 10 p.m. and returns near midnight, completes the epitaph procession rite and offers a truly captivating experience.

On Holy Saturday, after the “First Resurrection” at exactly 11 p.m. the bells of the churches chime joyously and Corfu Town hosts the so-called “Botides” custom. During Botides people toss large clay pots filled with water from their balconies or windows while the crowd watches the spectacle along with the sounds of the island’s philharmonics playing religious marches. This loud and vivid tradition is surely a unique experience!

Besides the Easter celebrations, visiting Corfu in spring allows you to explore the island more comfortably, as the temperatures are still not very high. Lush greenery, beautiful architecture, various churches and historical monuments are just a few of the various incredible things that Corfu has to offer!


Easter in Paros

paros port and fishing boats

Spring in Paros is filled with aromas of lavender and rosemary, while wildflower carpets adorn the island’s lush hillsides. At the same time Easter is celebrated in a beautiful and unique style, creating a sense of renewal and vividness.

Good Friday is of course, again, one of the highlights of Easter in Paros. An imposing ritual that depicts the Descent of Jesus Christ from the Cross takes place at the exceptional Byzantine cathedral of Panagia Ekatontapiliani during midday. Later, lunching at Prodromos village takes place, with delicious traditional chickpea soup and the day ends with recreations of the Passion of Christ at the villages of Marpissa, Marmara, Prodromos, Lefkes and Aspro Chorio.

On Holy Saturday the Resurrection is being celebrated with great glory at 12 a.m. with ringing bells and fireworks creating a spectacular breath-taking atmosphere.

On Easter Sunday the entire island celebrates, being filled with the smell of roast lamb, sounds of music and dancing along with the company of good wine.

At the port of Naoussa an all-day feast is being held by all the restaurants, while at Marpissa the celebration of “Agapi” (Love) takes place.

Spending an Easter Holiday in Greece and participating in these unique customs and festivities will not only make you feel like a local, but will also give you one-of-a-kind experiences and extraordinary memories that you will never stop cherishing.

Daydreaming of Summertime

Corfu town aerial picture

Corfu: Where European sophistication meets the beauty of Greece


The island of Corfu, located in northwestern Greece and a part of the Ionian Archipelagos, is one of the top travel destinations all year round.

Its rich multicultural heritage is evident in every aspect of the island, from architecture to gastronomy. Picturesque allies, a cosmopolitan town and traditional villages hidden in the mountains create a perfect mix of European modernity and Greek tradition, an immaculate aesthetic.

The heart of Corfu, known as the Old Town, offers sights of astounding buildings and villas that emerge from the Venetian era, as well as impressive museums and ancient ruins; Making it a beautifully preserved center of culture and a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do in Corfu
In the Old Town, you’ll feel like a vintage movie star.
The elegant buildings with neoclassical characteristics, such as the Palace of St Michael and St George, Liston Arcade, Reading Society, the Catholic Cathedral, Maitland Rotunda, Ionian Parliament and the Kapodistrias family’s residence, never fail to impress. You’ll feel like a star in a period film, strolling through Campiello’s renowned lanes.

Take your camera for a visit to the islands of Cannon and Mouse.
The famed Vlacherna islet, with its 17th-century monastery devoted to the Virgin Mary, joined to the mainland by a small causeway and the diminutive Pontikonisi, which translates as Mouse Island, barely large enough to accommodate the Pantokrator Monastery, are two signature sights of Corfu. On Easter Monday, Mass is held here.

Explore more sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters.
Glyfada, Dasia, Ermones, Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Kavos, Kontokali, Benitses, Halikounas… From hidden scenic coves to big, bustling expanses of sand with beach bars, taverns, stores and water sports, the choice of beaches is infinite.


Your luxurious getaway 

This month’s 4 favourite Villas are: 


Villa Sublime-olive-rentals
Villa Sublime by Olive Rentals

Villa Sublime

Villa Sublime at a glance
The high-end luxurious Villa Sublime is truly an earthly paradise of carefreeness and serenity for its guests providing the perfect retreat and a classic Mediterranean escape in the lush hills of the emerald island of Greece. Ideally located in the cosmopolitan Corfu Island, Villa Sublime is a spectacular hillside villa with an unparalleled 180-degree impeccable view of the Ionian Sea. The lavish 1000m² Villa Sublime lies on 2 levels.

villa Glow-olive-rentals
Villa Glow by Olive Rentals

Villa Glow

Peacefully located in the Kanoni area of Corfu, Villa Glow provides panoramic unobstructed sea views over the Pontikonissi island. The elegant and luxurious property is nestled among the forest, offering seclusion and privacy to its guests. The wonderful 750m² Villa Glow consists of three independent units.

Villa Harmony-Olive-Rentals
Villa Harmony by Olive Rentals

Villa Harmony

Villa Harmony at a glance
Situated within a magnificent green scenery by the sea, in the area of Dassia, on the east coast of Corfu. Spacious and functional, the fully-equipped villa combines comfort and quality, while it is furnished in minimalist taste by one of the most renowned Greek designers.


Villa Cleo by Olive Rentals

Villa Cleo
Villa Cleo at glance

The 540m² Villa Cleo has been designed to provide a fabulous island retreat, complemented by stunning 180⁰ sea views and a 22m x 5m infinity heated swimming pool, including tub, plus additional in-water sun loungers area. It is the ideal destination for guests seeking privacy and tranquility.

If you have been thinking of summer 2022 destinations, think no further. Check out all of Olive Rentals’ Villas in Corfu, start planning your trip and give us a call!

Spetses beaches by Olive Villa Rentals

Beaches in Spetses


Spetses Beaches

Spetses beaches


An island without beaches, is like a Greek salad without tomatoes! In Spetses you will not find the endless sandy beaches, but you will have the opportunity to swim in beautiful, crystal clear beaches, either in fully organized spots, or in hidden locations…even in some pristine coves! Just make sure you add this unique destination to your bucket list, and start packing!

The Beaches within walking distance

Agios Mamas

Agios Mamas is the beach of the city of Spetses, next to the port, with sand and pebbles. It is preferred mainly by locals and families with small children as an easily accessible beach, for a quick swim.

Agia Marina

One of the most popular beaches on the island. It is only 10 minutes’ walking time from the port of Spetses (Dapia). At the beach of Agia Marina, you will find a very organized beach bar with excellent cocktails, a fine restaurant, as well as an organized water sports school.


Kaiki Beach

Next to the old prestigious Anargyrios School, lies the famous Kaiki Beach, an organized beach with small pebbles, sunbeds and cabanas. There is also a restaurant and water sports as well as a beach bar for dancing, cool cocktails and fun.

Kaiki beach, Spetses
The cosmopolitan Kaiki beach in Spetses

Vrellos beach

The beautiful pine-covered beach of Vrellos is a safe option for anyone to combine a swim with sunbathing, as there is a Beach Bar and a canteen to relax. The beach has white pebbles and is a few minutes outside Spetses.

Vrellos beach, Spetses
Vrellos beach, just a few minutes outside Spetses town

Beaches outside Spetses

Most of the following beaches can also be accessed by public & private transfer. Heowver, they are most usually accessed by boat, independently or as part of a daily tour.

Zogeria Bay

The bay of Zogeria is the most picturesque place to swim in privacy. Blue-green bays appear in front of you, offering a unique landscape and an unforgettable experience. Do not forget to try the traditional recipes in Loula tavern, operating there for more than 20 years.

Zogeria beach in Spetses
The amazing Zogeria beach in Spetses

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi is small beach located at the back side of the island. It is a semi-organized beach with crystal turquoise waters and small pebbles, and offers you the privacy you may be looking for when spending holidays on a cosmopolitan island.

Aerial View of Agia Paraskevi beach, Spetses
Capturing the turqoise water & green pine trees in Agia Paraskevi

Agioi Anargyroi

Like the beach of Agia Paraskevi, Agioi Anargyroi beach is located at the back side of the island. Apart from the water sports you can practice over there, there is also a unique possibility to explore and swim in the famous Bekiris’ cave, accessed either from the path that leads to the cave or from the sea. The beach in Agioi Anargyroi has small pebbles and sand.

Agioi Anargiroi beach, Spetses
Unforgettable sunsets in Agioi Anargiroi beach

Day trips

One of the most popular activities when in Spetses, is to explore the many private beaches and coves of the island by taking a day boat trip around the island. You can practically rent any kind of boat that you desire. From a local sea taxi, to a private caique (traditional fishing boat), or even a luxury motor yacht.

Another excellent option is to rent a speed boat or a motor yacht to enjoy a full day in the nearby islands and coastal destinations (Hydra, Dokos, southern Peloponnese).

Our experienced crew is always available to provide a unique experience that will make your holidays unforgettable!

boat trips olive villa rentals
Olive Villa Rentals Yacht Rental Services
*A huge “Thank you” to Michael Liaroutsos for sharing his beautiful drone photos with us 

Cosmopolitan Spetses, by Olive Villa Rentals


An introduction to Spetses


Geography & history


Spetses is a small gem in the Saronic Gulf, located very close to Argolida coast, in the western Peloponnese prefecture. The island of Spetses has an area of ​​27, and a beautiful coastline of about 29 km. Its population is about 4,000 inhabitants, but during summer, the island hosts about 5 times this number, or even more.

During the 18th century, the island flourished and developed into a naval, spiritual and economic power of the time.  It is well known that the contribution of the Spetses’ fleet was decisive for the outcome of the Greek revolution.

Nowadays, the island has become one of the most popular holiday destinations both for the Greek and foreign upper classes, as it holds a strong connection with its proud, aristocratic past and provides excellent accommodation and recreational services.


Spetses on a quick view


​​Arriving at the new port of Spetses (Dapia), you cannot avoid falling in love with this small piece of paradise. The old captains’ mansions, perfectly preserved and in full harmony with the flowering bougainvilleas and the historic landmarks, create a capturing scenery.

Spetses is a small island and almost all activity takes place around the new & the old port, so your access to most of the parts of the island is very easy.


Villa Arte – Spetses, just a few minutes’ walking time from the port.

Visitors can enjoy the picturesque alleys, wander around the shops in the city center, taste unique dishes that combine Greek cuisine with modern touches in the many restaurants on Spetses. For the night lovers, the nightlife on the island is very vivid and provides lots of opportunities.

Most importantly, Spetses is a car-free destination! Most destinations are accessible either on foot or by bicycle/scooter. However, transfers can also be made by one of the very few taxis operating on the island or by the picturesque horse carriages. What could be more relaxing and romantic than a magical route on the coastal road of the island, gazing at the old traditional captains’ mansions, as the sun sets before your eyes, creating a fabulous color palette?


Spetses Chariot
A beautiful promenade with a horse chariot

How to get to Spetses


Spetses is one of the most popular destinations, because it is very easily accessible. You can get there either by car through Costa bay, or by boat from Piraeus port.

  • If you plan to travel by boat, there are hydrofoils leaving from Piraeus to Spetses on a daily basis. The trip lasts about 3,5 hours.
  • If you want to be flexible about your arrival/travel time, you can always travel by car. First you drive to Costa bay in the Peloponnese (distance from Athens is 180 km, about 2,5 hours’ drive). From Costa, a sea taxi will take you directly to Spetses in 5 minutes.
  • Another exciting option, is to travel directly from Athens  to Spetses in a motor-yacht, combining  your transportation with an unforgettable day trip!


Feel free to contact Olive Villa Rentals  in order to arrange for you a relaxing, safe trip with a private transfer.



Discover the Mountain of Centaurs

Discover the Mountain of Centaurs! Pelion is an all-year destination, where every season has a way to express its splendor.

The mountain Pelion is an all-year destination, where every season has a way to express its splendor. Whether you prefer spending your vacation on mountain or sea, Pelion will definitely suit your preferences. Vast plantation graces the landscape with vivid colors, while the green of the mountain is juxtaposed to the azure of the crystal waters, of either Aegean Sea or Pagasitikos Gulf, that lie below.

Pelion’s uniqueness lies in the endless possibilities it offers to visitors, all year long. Winter embraces the site and dresses the houses in white, creating the ideal environment for skiing or mountain hiking. The snowy spells slowly fade away, as colorful flowers bloom and spring comes and passes by to allow the intense sun to take over and warm the serene seaside areas. That’s when the crystal clear waters begin to sparkle and the golden beaches tempt you to spend the day lying on the sand, relaxing under the blue sky.


Pelion features many picturesque villages, (the largest of which are 25) of exceptional beauty, idyllic landscapes and verdant nature. The ones on the seaside have absolutely stunning sandy beaches next to the sapphire waters while most of them still preserve the traditional cobbled paths, leading the visitor to wide squares with great plane trees standing proudly in the middle, surrounded by small cafes and tavernas. The main villages are Makrynitsa, also known as Pelion’s balcony, due to the fantastic views it presents, Tsagaratha, a wonderful option for dining, not far from beautiful beaches where one can take up activities such horse riding and hiking, Zagora, Portaria, Milies, Argalaste (all these are large villages of traditional style), and Kissos which is the highest of the villages of the eastern Pelion, nestled deep inside the calm and rough vegetation of the majestic landscape.

Pelion offers exceptional beaches on both the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Those facing the Pagasetic Gulf are characterized by their tranquil waters, as they are totally sheltered. Some well-worth visiting beaches there are Kala Nera, Boufa, Afissos, Kalifteri and Paou.

Those opening to the Aegean Sea are located on the Eastern side of Pelion and are well-known due to the shootings of Mamma Mia movie that took place there.

Favorite beaches are Platanias, Potistika, Plaka, Lambinou, Mylopotamos, Damouchare, Aghios Ioannis, Aghioi Saranta.

Restaurants and Tavernas

In Mt. Pelion one can discover a great palette of flavors that shouldn’t be missed. Taste every local delicacy that comes to your plate, such as Spetsofai, dishes with local meat, Olive bread (Eliopsomo) and Cheese bread (Tyropsomo), spoon sweets and, above all, Tsipouro with Meze (that is a local alcoholic drink accompanied by small bites of food).

Many taverns are scattered on the mountain, all worth discovering, but here are our personal favorites:

Aghria Volos: O Tzimis (Jimmys) – Excellent Tsipouro with seafood meze (estimated – €15 – €25 per person unless you order fresh fish).
Kissos village: Restaurant – Taverna  Makis 5Φ – Meat and local specialties (estimated 15-20 euro per person)
Agios Ioannis: Restaurant – Taverna  Ostria – Meat and local specialties (estimated 15-25 euro per person)
Tsagarada: Restaurant – Taverna  Alekas – Traditional greek cuisine (estimated 15-30 euro per person)

Sites worth Visiting

As for what to do and see in the area, besides visiting the picturesque villages where you can enjoy coffεe/food or a drink in the pebbled squares under the shade of the Plane tree, there are a lot of cultural sites to visit in the nearby area:

  1. Volos Archeological Museum (Athanasaki Str, 1, Volos, tel. 0030 2421025285)
  2. Kompoloi Museum in Portaria (Tel. 0030 2428090190)
  3. Historical & Folklore Museum of Portaria (Tel. 0030 2421039644)
  4. Museum of Folk Art & Histoy of Mt. Pelion at Makrinitsa village (Tel. 0030 2421039644)

Don’t forget to take a ride on Pelion’s ‘open train’(characterized as Listed Historical Monument) which travels from/to the villages of AnoLehonia and Milies. A variety of local events and celebrations take place all year round in almost every village, so be sure to keep your eyes open for an extraordinary Mediterranean experience!


In case you are interested in recreation during your holiday, here is a list of useful telephone numbers:

Horse riding (tel. 0030 2421086107)
Hiking and mountain biking (tel. 0030 2421032171)
Diving excursions (tel. 0030 6974413586)
The ski resort of Pelion “Agriolefkes” near Chania village (operates from the beginning of December to the end of March / tel. 0030 2428092600)

Need more info? Contact us!

Experience Tinos Like a Local

Tinos is an island with a variety of things to see and do, and it will enchant you no matter what you seek to find. Experience it like a local!

Tinos is an island with a variety of things to see and do, and will enchant you no matter what you seek to find during your vacation.Here are our personal favorites to give you an insight on how to experience Tinos like a genuine local:

A great choice is Agios Romanos. It is not crowded neither windy, so you will definitely enjoy each moment spent here. It has a great little cafe-restaurant named Kohili (Κοχύλι). The nearest way to find Kohili is to enter the beach from its left – as you face the sea – entrance.

Another good choice is Kalivia (Καλύβια) beach which is sheltered from the winds on its right side, it is not very crowded and a part of it is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. A small beach bar will meet your needs for refreshments.
Another option which is not too windy is Agios Ioannis Porto (ΆγιοςΙωάννηςΠόρτο), a beach that gives you the choice to have a bite or your coffee at the beach, again partially equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

A beach that is well-known and popular in Tinos is Kolibithra (Κολυμπήθρα).Truth be told, there are some days when the wind is strong, which causes big waves to rise. However, since the beach consists of two gulfs, the right one is rather wind-proof. On the other hand, the beach is well-organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sport activities, cafes, tavernas etc. that make up for the few windy days during summer.

Another interesting place to swim is a part of Agios Fokas beach, called Marathia. Marathia is actually a beach bar (as well as a tavern) where you can enjoy finger food, coffee, fresh juices etc while relaxing on the sunbeds. We would recommend Marathia tavern for a lunch after swimming – the cost is about €25 per person.

Two more choices that are suitable for a quiet time by the sea are Santa Margarita (Σάντα Μαργαρίτα) and Livada (Λιβάδα). Keep in mind though that you in case you want to grab a bite you have bring food home –the same goes for water as well. Santa Margarita and Livada have two primary disadvantages: i) they maybe get windy sometimes (Livada sometimes has big waves as well), and ii) there are country road parts on the way that makes it a little difficult to access them.

All the above, except for Livada – which is rocky and relatively unique, are sandy beaches, as most of the beaches in Tinos.

Restaurants and Taverns
Villa Alcyone

1) The tavern called Vasilis (Drosia) – Βασίλης (Δροσιά) at Ktikados (Κτικάδος) Village (mostly meat and traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, priced €15-25 per person, great views).
2) A small tavern called Tsampia (Τσαμπιά) at Kionia beach (mostly meat and traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, €15-25 per person)
3) A small well-hidden tavern called Katoi (Κατώι) at Smardakito (Σμαρδάκιτο) Village (traditional Greek cuisine, Tinian Products, €15-€20 per person)
4) A tavern with fish and mostly seafood, in Hora (Χώρα) – the town of Tinos – called Agira (Άγκυρα), €20-€30 per person.
5) A little tavern in Hora (Χώρα) – the town of Tinos – called Malamatenia (Μαλαματένια) mostly traditional Greek cuisine and some seafood as well, about €15-€20 per person)
6) A tavern called Thalassaki (Θαλασσάκι) at OrmosIsternion (Π. ΌρμοςΥστερνίων). This one is the most famous tavern in the island. It is greatly placed (by the sea) and has Mediterranean creative cuisine based mainly on fish and seafood, around €40 per person.

Villages Worth Visiting
You should definitely visit Pyrgos (Πύργος), home of some of the greatest Greek sculptors with great inheritance in marble carving. The Museum of Marble Arts and the Marble Carving department of the National School of Fine Arts are located there as well. The Village of sculptor GiannoulisChalepas (Γιαννούλης Χαλεπάς), Kardiani (Καρδιανή) offers great views and is ideal for a short walk. In Falatados (Φαλατάδος) don’t forget to visit House of Sketch (Σπίτι το υΣκίτσου). In Volax (Βώλαξ) you can admire the incredible scenery.

Although Tinos is not famous for its nightlife, it offers a variety of bars that will definitely leave you satisfied.

We picked out Karybu in the ‘sokakia’ of Hora, which is cozy and stylish and Kaktos on the hill over Hora that presents a great view with a variety of good cocktails. And don’t forget, Salva’s on the way to Kionia, which is perfect for an early drink.

Need more information? Feel free to contact us!

Cycladic Architecture

The Cycladic architecture is easily recognized by its unique characteristics. Learn about it.

Every time a visitor takes his first steps on a Cycladic island, he is instantly mesmerized by the complexity of the settlements and the elegant simplicity of the architectural forms. Narrow, cobbled streets mesh into what seems like a labyrinth of picturesque buildings with white-washed walls, juxtaposed to the emerald waters of the sea below. Colorful bougainvilleas add delicate touches of bright tones during the summer, tempting our sight to rest on them and revel in the dreamy image.

The Cycladic architecture is easily recognized by its unique characteristics. The plain construction and minimalistic design derive from both cultural and environmental needs that have developed through the centuries. As the Islands were prone to piracy, the houses were built on high altitude, in order to spot a private invasion on time. Protection from the pirates was also the reason behind the small windows and doorways. The natural environment also dictated a certain way of architectural development. The lack of wood led to short beams and, therefore, single – level houses of low height. Oriented towards the South-East to attract light, all houses featured thick walls to preserve the heat during winter while a petite window on the northern side was always present to keep the temperature low in summer with the help of the northern breeze (meltemi). The density of the settlements is anything but chance – it reflects the contemporary bioclimatic design in its past form.

Although the architecture of the Cyclades is usually perceived as a unity, it is really quite diverse. Each island has a unique set of characteristics that emerge from its rich history and cultural inheritance. The Venetian influence is evident in many islands where castles and towers can be found, (ex. Naxos, Andros), while the underground housing in the volcano Caldera in Santorini is an outstanding phenomenon. Some of the most impressive neoclassical buildings can be found in Ermoupolis, Syros while houses with red tiled roofs contrast the blue in islands such as Kythnos or Kea. The abundance of quality marble inspired some of Greece’s most famous sculptors, whose work is apparent in almost every building – Tinos is a wonderful example, where the department of Marble Carving of the National School of Fine Arts is located as well.

The overall experience of a visit in the Cycladic islands is truly magical and will lead you to a journey back in time, while the high aesthetics delicately construct a dream around you. Exceptional houses, churches, mills and dove cots create an image of unparalleled beauty that one can meet exclusively in the Cyclades.

Spectacular Spetses – Dive into a Truly Cosmopolitan Experience

Spectacular Spetses, a very popular destination in Greece! Dive Into a Truly Cosmopolitan Experience!

As historically significant as it is beautiful, the island of the aromas (isola di spezzie – that’s where the name actually originates from), Spetses is much more than just another weekend destination for wealthy Athenians and international jet-setters. Although it became famous during the 60s and the 70s, around the time when Greece attained global attention for its natural beauty and cosmopolitan feel (no small part due to the prodigious film production of the era), Spetses is the place where Greeks declared the start of their Independence War of 1821.

This was by no means a coincidence. The island held a long naval tradition ever since the middle ages and in fact, many of the most prominent Greek shipowners of the modern era, descend from centuries-old Spetsiote families. The Greek state was quick to recognise the island’s importance both as a tourist and a cultural heritage site; a fact that is reflected not only by the very well preserved grand captain mansions, but also by the impressive lack of traffic! Yes, cars in Spetses are banned (there is a bus line, some taxis, hackneys and quad bikes/motorbikes/bicycles), making it an ideal location for romantic promenades, absolute relaxation and carefree sightseeing!

Sightseeing and Excursions
There are plenty of places to go and sights to see in Spetses and of course you are free to enjoy a few (or all of them) on your own pace! However, we couldn’t help preparing a short guide for you, just as an introduction. Feel free to follow, re-adjust or downright disregard our tips when having some of the best vacation of your life in Spetses!

The House of Bouboulina is definitely worth a visit and it is one of the best known attractions of the island, as an architectural and historical landmark. Home to the Greek Revolution heroine Lascarina Bouboulina, the building has been perfectly preserved and ready to introduce visitors to the life and times of one of the few female protagonists of the Greek war of independence. Another interesting point is the House of Hatzigiannis Mexis, an estate built during the 18th century and is now turned into a museum, exhibiting relics from the Greek Independence War (letters written by war heroes, a folk art collection and personal objects of Bouboulina).

Also, the promenade along the coastline of Spetses capital town offers a great chance for a romantic walk in the sunset.

There is also a boat rental point in Dapia (Spetses town centre), from which you can embark on a slightly more unconventional (and fun) trip around the island. Keep in mind that there are some beaches/bays that are accessible only by boat, so plan accordingly if you want to really get to know the island!

Best Beaches
Apart from the interesting journey through time, Spetses still is one of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations, due to its accessibility and immaculate beaches, which suit every taste. Moreover, no matter where you are on the island, an inviting beach is always nearby, to offer you some moments of relaxation!

If you don’t want to stray away from the town of Spetses, there are two beaches that have got you covered: Agios Mamas and the smaller Agios Nikolaos.
Some of the most popular beaches in the island are Agia Marina beach (new entry for 2018 at this beach will be the luxury Ivy Club that will include beach bar/club, beach restaurants, water sports), Kaiki beach next to Kounoupitsa area (beach bar, sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports etc.) and Vrelos beach (beach bar, sunbeds, umbrellas).

On the west side of the island’s coastline you will find Agioi Anargyroi beach (pebble beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, watersports and one taverna). Special hint the Bekiri cave at the side of the beach.
There are also Agia Paraskevi, a mixed sandy/pebble beach located 12 km. away from Dapia and the pebble beach of Xylokériza, located 8 km. south-east of Dapia.

For vacationers not hiring a vehicle, all above beaches can be also accessed by public bus and taxis.

Insider Tip: Zogeria beach is considered by the locals to be the most beautiful beach on the island. Surrounded by pine trees and offering an unbeatable view of mainland Greece (under optimal conditions). Try also the small taverna of the beach.

Spetses is -traditionally- one of the most cosmopolitan and classy destinations among the Greek islands. It comes as no surprise that there are many restaurant and nightlife options available to the visitors.

At the centre of Spetses Town (Dapia), you can try Roussos Café for a filling breakfast, Clock for a tasty pizza or pasta and Mr. Dim for Asian dishes. Greek modern cuisine On the Verandah at Poseidonio Hotel will meet high demands (the menu includes options for vegetarians/gluten-free options/options for kids). A recommended option for a coffee/drink/cocktail or a glass of wine is all day cafe-bar Point of View at Agios Mamas beach.

Near Dapia you can also have a coffee or a cocktail at Votsalo or Mayo (espresso/cocktail bars) or a glass of wine at Balconi Bar.

The vibrant nightlife in Spetses can be mostly found at the Old Harbor. Along with some great restaurants like Orloff (on a great veranda with nice view), Liotrivi and Tarsanas (fish/seafood restaurants), you can find a great number of bars like Throubi, Booze, La Luz and Mourayo (which is located practically over the water). These are some of the best choices among the great variety of bars in the area.

At Kounoupitsa area (about 2 km. westward from Dapia), you can also enjoy great food: Akrogialia, The Water of Love and Patralis, are all seafood restaurants that offer fresh fish of the highest quality.

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