A luxury villa in Porto Heli is the uncredited star of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”

Villa- Magnolia -Porto Heli-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-pool

Since its release at Christmas, Rian Johnson’s film “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” has risen to the top of Netflix’s most-viewed list. Meanwhile, fans all over the world haven’t stopped talking about the filming locations, specifically an exceptional villa in a stunning and highly exclusive Greek coastal paradise.

The greater Porto Heli area, also known as the “Hamptons of Greece,” is home to numerous secluded, magnate-owned estates, lavish resorts, and extravagant villas that cater to elite travelers and incognito-traveling celebrities from all over the world. It became a high-end destination in the 1960s, and the rich and famous have continued to flock there in luxury yachts and chartered helicopters ever since.

The real Glass Onion filming location

The acclaimed movie takes place in a mansion on a privately owned Greek island. However, the actual filming took place at a luxurious villa that is part of a luxury villa complex on the edge of the Argolic peninsula in the Peloponnese.

Those who have visited the Porto Heli area will understand why it is the ideal location for such a project. After all, one of the region’s best features is its distinct natural landscape, which has remained remarkably unspoiled by mass tourism and rampant development.

As reported, the film’s producers scouted around for an equally fascinating location on a Greek island. Nevertheless, Porto Heli’s divine grace, beauty, and atmosphere were unparalleled, so it was chosen as the primary filming location of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”

At the same time, another jewel that is part of that unique villa complex is also part of the Olive Villa Rentals portfolio. The dazzling residence is none other than our gem, Villa Magnolia.

Villa Magnolia

Villa- Magnolia -Porto Heli-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-sunset-views-pool-area
Villa Magnolia in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals

Being part of this lavish project, Villa Magnolia boasts stunning modern architecture that blends in seamlessly with the natural beauty of the region. Guests will be treated to a feast for the senses as they take in the breathtaking views of the sea and mountains from the comfort of their own private sanctuary.

Villa- Magnolia -Porto Heli-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-pool
Villa Magnolia in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals

Inside, the villa is just as impressive, with luxurious amenities and impeccable attention to detail. The open-plan design of the villa provides a sense of spaciousness and freedom, while the large swimming pool and children’s pool offer the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.
Each of the five bedrooms has been beautifully furnished and features its own private balcony or terrace, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning views from the moment they wake up. The villa’s common spaces are equally impressive, with three spacious salons and a large family kitchen/diner, ensuring there is ample space for everyone to unwind and enjoy the villa’s luxurious amenities.

Villa- Magnolia -Porto Heli-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-living-room
Villa Magnolia in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals

At Olive Villa Rentals, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing our guests with the very best luxury travel experiences. Villa Magnolia meets all 50 of our requirements for any residence we decide to include in our diverse portfolio, and we are confident that it will exceed even the most discerning guest’s expectations. With its stunning location, impeccable amenities, and superior hospitality experience, Villa Magnolia is truly a masterpiece of modern architecture and the perfect place to call home during your stay in Porto Heli.

Villa- Magnolia -Porto Heli-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-poolll
Villa Magnolia in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals

Porto Heli: a synonym for luxury travel

There are many luxurious villas throughout Greece, but few places offer as many exclusive vacation residences as Porto Heli. Living up to its long-standing reputation as a high-end summer enclave for the rich and famous, it offers a diverse range of high-quality properties ready to accommodate and please the most discerning luxury travelers.
Dedicated to providing access to the best private residences in Greece, Olive Villa Rentals rents several Porto Heli villas suitable for every need and taste.


A fine selection of villas in Porto Heli

small-Villa Magnolia in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Magnolia
€2,000-3,700 / night

High end, privacy, family & groups

Villa Rafaella
€2,000-4,000 / night

High end, private dock, tennis, families & big groups

Villa Eleganza
€3,250-5,950 / night

High end, beachfront, family & groups

Villa Anais
€1,300 - 3.400 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Tennis and Basketball Court

small-Idole Estate in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals
Idole Estate
€ 6,000 - 9,500 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Large groups

Villa-Estee- Olive-Villa-Rentals-Porto-Heli
Villa Estee
€1,400 - 3,700 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Tennis, Basketball, Hammam

small-featured-Villa Liberia in Porto heli by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Liberia
€3,200-4,500 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Majestic Views

Villa Pigna
€1.400-2.000 / night

High end, memorable views, modern touches, family & groups


New Villa Additions: The Olive Villa Rentals portfolio is expanding

New season, new opportunities! At Olive Villa Rentals, we see the upcoming tourist season as more than just a new beginning. It’s an opportunity to improve and expand our services, to seek out new adventures, and to provide you with an even more exceptional experience.

That being said, we are very excited to introduce you to our new villa entries!

About our new additions

As Olive Villa Rentals expands and evolves, it adds new, high-quality luxury villas to its portfolio.
We gathered the most exclusive, luxurious, and high-end villas in the country from a variety of destinations and accommodation categories.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat in the Peloponnese, a beachfront paradise in Paros, or a luxurious villa with a private pool in Mykonos, Olive Villa Rentals has you covered.

Villa Scouting 

We anticipate that 2023 will be a very promising year. To ensure that we keep our promise, we conducted and continue to conduct extensive villa scouting throughout Greece. Olive Villa Rentals has identified and taken over management of a number of new villas that meet the most stringent criteria with the help of our experienced team. The goal is to provide you with the best possible selection of villas that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing only the best of the best

Olive Villa Rentals is dedicated to providing only the best villa selection. As a result, there is a set of strict criteria that each villa must meet before being taken on for management. Olive Villa Rentals has a list of 50 requirements that each property must meet in order to be considered for its portfolio. Thus, each villa is meticulously chosen after ensuring that it meets our high standards.

When it comes to villas… we take it personally

In addition to our stringent selection criteria, Olive Villa Rentals personally inspects each new villa it accepts. This allows us to assess the property’s quality and confirm firsthand that it is an asset to our listing. Only the best properties make the cut, so our guests can be confident that they are getting high-quality accommodations when they book with Olive Villa Rentals.

Experience exceptional hospitality

Olive Villa Rentals, which is constantly expanding, is dedicated to providing you with more than
exceptional holiday villa options. With a commitment to quality, high standards, and on-the-ground inspections, you can be confident that you will have the best hospitality experience possible. So, book your next trip to Greece now and prepare for an unforgettable experience.


Olive Villa Rentals New Additions

small-Villa Dolce in Paros by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Dolce
€2,000-3,700 / night

Sea view, Pool, Families & Large Groups

Villa Layla in Corfu by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Layla
€ 1,300-3,450 / night

Pool, beachfront, family & groups, memorable views

small-Villas-Spetses-Olive Villa Rentals-Villa Calisti-06
Villa Calisti
€1000-2,200 / night

Top location, elegant deco, family & groups

small-Villa Gaspar in Paros by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Gaspar
€1,200-3,500 / night

Top location, breathtaking views, basketball court, infinity pool

small-Idole Estate in Porto Heli by Olive Villa Rentals
Idole Estate
€ 6,000 - 9,500 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Large groups

small-Villa Brillane in Mykonos by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Brillane
€5.500-9.500 / night

Top location, infinity pool, large groups, gym

Villa Divina in Mykonos by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Divina
€ 2,500 - 4,500 / night

Panoramic views, Ιnfinity pool, Families & Groups of friends

Villa Alessia in Mykonos by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Alessia
€ 2,700 - 5,900 / night

Panoramic views, Infinity pool, Families & Groups of friends

Villa Celestial in Corfu by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Celestial
€ 1,080 - 1,530 / night

Unforgettable views, swimming pool, family & groups

Villa Domina in Corfu by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Domina
€ 1,200 - 3,020 / night

Unforgettable views, swimming pools, family & groups

small-Villa- Octavia -Mykonos-by-Olive-Villa-Rentals-views
Villa Octavia
€2,500-5,000 / night

sea view, pool, family & groups friendly

small-Villa Valerie in Mykonos by Olive Villa Rentals
Villa Valerie
€1,600-3,700 / night

Beachfront, Pool, Top Location, Family & groups


The Ultimate Guide to choosing the perfect villa


Spending your summer vacation in a private villa is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Yet, it’s only the first step in making your holidays unique and unforgettable.

Before booking your luxury vacation residence, you should explore your options and make sure your final choice perfectly matches your tastes and preferences. Just check out Olive Villa Rentals’ diverse offered experiences and ask yourself: what type of villa person am I?

High End: more an experience than a villa

Just think about it! We only spend a small fragment of our lifetime on vacation, and in most cases, all we expect is to get enough rest and enjoy the company of friends and family.

But what if we could have all that in a brand new context where vacation is more than a break from our daily routines; it’s an exciting, wholesome, and rejuvenating experience. In any one of Olive Villa Rentals high end villas, you won’t just rest; you’ll get pampered. You won’t just spend quality time with your company; you’ll share a personalized hospitality experience tailored to your absolute demands and wishes!

Top High End destination: Mykonos

If you want to experience the luxurious and vivid side of Greece, Mykonos is a no brainer. Also known as “the island of the winds”, it is truly the cosmopolitan center of Cyclades! Beautiful landscapes of golden beaches, blue waters and white traditional windmills can provide you with the authentic Cycladic beauty, whilst high end boutiques, gourmet restaurants and the most famous nightclubs await those seeking a lively, energetic atmosphere.
Our Villas in Mykonos are luxurious, quiet retreats where you can either relax in complete privacy, or organize memorable parties and gatherings.

Extra tip: Ask us to help you organize the perfect event for you at your luxury villa, as a part of the Olive Villa Rentals personalized services.

Our picks: High End Villas
A lighted Villa on the mountain hill
Villa Grace, Mykonos

The wonderful Villa Grace develops on two levels and invites you for a luxurious and peaceful summer experience. A private infinity pool, surrounded by seating and lounge areas, alongside the spa area and the private gym offer a memorable high end experience in the most cosmopolitan Greek island.

Villa Sublime, Corfu

Ideally located in the cosmopolitan Corfu Island, Villa Sublime is a spectacular hillside villa with an unparalleled 180-degree impeccable view of the Ionian Sea. The high-end luxurious Villa Sublime is truly an earthly paradise of carefreeness and serenity for its guests providing the perfect retreat and a classic Mediterranean escape in the lush hills of the emerald island of Greece.

Beachfront: swim in the sea, bask at home

Are you one of those vacationers that spend most of their holidays on a sunbed or in the sea? If so, why not lodge on the seaside to save more time for basking and swimming.

Olive Villa Rentals offers a variety of beachfront luxury properties, only a few steps away from heavenly beaches with crystal clear waters. That way, you get everything our private villas have to offer, plus the one true infinity “pool”, the sea, at your feet. It’s a decision you’ll thank yourself for whenever you enjoy a quick refreshing swim before breakfast or sip on your nightly cocktail while listening to the melody of the waves.

Top Beachfront destination: Paros

If you are a beach lover, Paros island should definitely be at the top of your list. A perfect combination of cosmopolitan lifestyle and seclusion has made it one of the most popular Greek summer destinations. But what makes Paros truly special is the variety of stunning sandy beaches, some of which are considered to be among the best beaches in Greece. Watersports enthusiasts arrive every year to enjoy Paros’ big waves that are ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, waterski etc. However, if you are seeking some peace and relaxation, there is a wide selection of beaches ideal for unwinding, sunbathing and hanging out by the beach bar. Our Villas in Paros offer the lovely Cycladic white-washed aesthetic along with easy access to beautiful beaches and other top tourist destinations.

Extra Tip: Book an amazing watersport experience as part of the Olive Villa Rentals personalized services.

Our picks: Beachfront Villas
Villa Skyness, Paros

Located in the beautiful and secluded Parasporos area in Paros island, Villa Skyness is a luxurious and elegant property to unwind yourself in a large infinity pool with a stunning 180° sunset sea view. Elegant interiors, splendid outdoor areas and direct access to a beautiful secluded beach await you for a vacation full of swimming and relaxing.

Villa Delight, Antiparos

Built on  a site with lush greenery in the majestic island of Antiparos and with direct access to the beach, the villa offers its guests the opportunity to swim privately in the shaded and protected area below the house. Breathtaking sea views, elegant interiors and a private infinity pool will elevate your stay.

Family: the art of feeling at home

Going on vacation with your family is about more than just spending the holidays at some nice place. It’s about strengthening bonds and creating precious memories with your loved ones.

Olive Villa Rentals offers a broad selection of luxury residencies ideal for families. With spacious rooms and common areas where everybody can relax or enjoy a recreational activity, plus safe, state-of-the-art pools and playgrounds. Also, a full range of family-oriented services like babysitting, in-house chef, and organized trips that will take your mind off everything but having an unforgettable time with your kids.

Top Family destination: Spetses

The island that travels you back in time: Old harbors and picturesque landscape, where private cars are not allowed. Spetses is the perfect destination for families who are looking for peace & quiet, along with fun activities. Stroll through the island’s cobbled streets while admiring the romantic traditional architecture, explore the various historical sites and swim at the many lovely secluded beaches that are accessed only by boat.
Our charming Villas in Spetses offer mesmerizing views of the Saronic Gulf and become the perfect getaway for a holiday full of history, culture and leisure!

Extra Tip: Book a private tour as part of the Olive Villa Rentals personalized services and visit all the must-see spots with the help of the most experienced professionals.

Our picks: Family Villas
vila with infinity pool overlooking the sea
Villa Calisti, Spetses

The newly constructed (2022) Villa Calisti is ready to welcome its guests for a luxurious and peaceful accommodation experience in Spetses island. Majestic views overlooking the Argosaronic Gulf, cozy and elegant indoors, as well as spacious outdoors with a private swimming pool make Villa Calisti the ideal family destination.

Villa Primavera, Athens

One of the most predominant villas in Athens located in Saronida Panorama residential areas. The villa’s construction, decoration, and all amenities provided, are all of the highest standard, destined to service the most demanding guests. Enjoy a delicious home breakfast at the veranda, a dinner alfresco or a workout session at the private, fully equipped gym with the hammam.

Secluded: privacy is the greatest luxury

You don’t have to be a celebrity to yearn for uninterrupted peace and quiet on your vacation. We all have the right to take a break from people and make ourselves invisible from time to time.

Many of the Olive Villa Rentals villas are located in secluded spots far from crowded beaches, popular destinations, and indiscreet eyes. Away from all the noise and whatever stresses you daily, you can enjoy all the amenities at your own pace in a completely relaxing, naturally serene environment. And take full advantage of that rare opportunity to unwind, clear your thoughts, and reimagine your life after the holidays.

Top Secluded destination: Skopelos

Also known as the island where the Mamma Mia! Movies were filmed, Skopelos is the perfect example of a Greek secluded gem. A landscape that is out of the ordinary, with lush green forests, azure waters and golden beaches awaits you to live the Greek summer dream. Our Villas in Skopelos are influenced by the island’s traditional architecture and offer privacy and serenity amongst beautiful sites of unspoiled natural beauty.

Extra Tip: Book a private boat trip and enjoy Skopelos’ stunning waters with Olive Villa Rentals personalized services.

Our picks: Secluded Villas
Villa Cylena, Skopelos

Situated in the south part of Skopelos, Villa Cylena offers stunning sunsets, and unobstructed views of the sea and several Greek islands. Following a path down the cliff, around 100 steps, leads you to a semi-private beach, ideal for isolated relaxation, and summer holidays away from crowded beaches. In other words, the ultimate secluded experience!

Ulysses Villa, Ithaca

Located in a secluded beachfront location inside seven acres of private gardens and surrounded by an unspoiled pine forest, the villa is truly the secluded gem of Ithaca island. Retro design, stunning sea views and a unique lake-looking swimming pool create a heavenly setup.

Top reasons to spend Christmas in Athens

acropolis by night

Christmas is a family holiday, and people usually spend their time off with their loved ones in the warmth of their homes. Yet, the holidays are also a great time to travel, and many people choose to experience the Christmas spirit far from home at some picturesque mountain resort or a lively metropolis.

For the latter, one of the top urban Christmas destinations in the world is none other than Athens.

Lose yourself in the bustling lifestyle

When we think about Christmas in a big city, we think about streets brimming with lights and decorations and vibrant shops welcoming packs of shiny, happy people.

Athens is famous for its vivid lifestyle all year round. During Christmas, the city becomes the country’s hotbed of celebrations, surprises, and endless holiday fun. People flock daily from Greece and abroad to visit friends and family, enjoy the city’s colourful coffee shops and eateries, shop around for unique gifts, and have a great time.

Savor the unique holiday pastries

Greek gastronomy is highly acclaimed worldwide, and the country’s traditional holiday pastries are always a treat, even to the most demanding palates.

Athens is home to many top Greek confectioneries and hundreds of quality mom-and-pop pastry shops and bakeries. That means you can find delicious melomakarona (honey-dipped semolina pastries), kourabiedes (sugar-garnished butter cookies) and other local delicacies (like diples) in every corner and many variations.

Have tons of fun at the numerous Christmas villages

Christmas is indeed about good old family fun. Especially for the children, this is the best time to immerse themselves in holiday magic and fairy tales.

That’s why Christmas villages were invented in the first place. Like every big city in the world, Athens offers a variety of pop-up holiday theme parks. At the Christmas Factory, the Santa Klaus Kingdom, the Winter Wonderland, and the Christmas World, kids and grown-ups are welcome to get in the spirit and share some unforgettable holiday moments.

Enjoy the open shows and festivities

Athens is home to a few million people known for never missing an opportunity to take their celebrations out of the house and share their joy in public.

That’s why the Municipality of Athens and other cultural bodies organize many Christmas-themed events, bazaars, concerts, live shows and other festivities leading to the city’s signature open-air party on New Year’s Eve. During the holidays, roaming around Athens is like walking into a huge festival where a different surprise awaits around every corner.

Visit the sites in peace and quiet

From Summer to Fall, Athens welcomes loads of visitors to its historical sites and museums, making it difficult to enjoy them without bumping into tourists and kids.

But during the Christmas holidays, visitors and locals focus on having a good time around the city instead of sinking their teeth into Greek culture and ancient history. As a result, ’tis the season to take one’s time, visit the many diverse sites — and catch a winter view of the Acropolis, of course — and slowly consume the cultural gifts Athens offers in bundles.

Shop till you drop!

Last (but not least), let’s not forget that shopping for us and our loved ones is a big part of Christmas fun wherever you may find yourself, from a local flea market to a huge mall.

Well, Athens has both, plus a vast network of shopping streets right in the heart of its central district, where you can find items from local designer brands, incredible artifacts, and unique gifts for every taste and preference. There’s no chance of walking around Athens at Christmas time and not returning home with more goodies than you can carry!

So, how about spending this year’s holidays in one of the liveliest, most fun cities in the world?

Reasons for you to book a private villa for your next vacation


Today, the hospitality industry offers vacationers many options for organizing the holidays of their dreams. Among them is one that’s on the rise, slowly becoming a favorite for individuals, couples, and families looking for the most luxurious and relaxing vacation they have ever had.

Luxury villas are architectural masterpieces sitting in secluded, breathtaking locations across the world. They are artfully designed to provide luxury, privacy, relaxation, and a unique overall experience.

Just imagine staying in the most extravagant hotel. Now suppose you are the only guest, and everyone is at your service. That’s what it’s like to stay at a private villa!

The home you wish you had

First and foremost, a villa is nothing like a hotel room. It’s a home. In fact, it’s probably the home you wish you lived in.

Private villas check everything you might want from your dream home, plus some more. The rooms are spacious, well-lit, and fully equipped. The outdoor spaces are comfortable, relaxing, and completely private. The amenities are endless, the view is stunning, and the energy is flowing. Housekeeping, check! Spa and wellness, check! Baby-sitting, check! Chef-cooked meals, check! Infinity pool, check! Tennis or Basketball, check! And the list continues.

Check your daily grind at the door

Going on vacation means stepping away from what you must do every day. Yet, it’s not rare to spend half the time doing exactly that.

That’s why private villas offer the perfect holiday sanctuary. Because your stay can be fully customized to fit your every need. Besides standard services, villas provide personalized support. You just have to ask for it and share your preferences, and the staff takes care of everything. Then, you have plenty of carefree time to enjoy the luxuries your villa has to offer and the fun activities your hosts can arrange for you.

Have you ever been the guest of honor?

After long periods of hard work and no fun, it’s only natural to feel like you deserve a little pampering.

All around the world, luxury hotels offer all-inclusive packages that promise to have everything you need at your feet. But you’re still one of many guests sharing the same services in the same facilities. On the other hand, a private villa welcomes you as its only guest — a real guest of honor. Every luxury, facility, service, and comfort is available exclusively to you to savor in your own time.

Beautiful experiences are better when shared

Most of the time, we like to spend our holidays with loved ones, because what good is having a great time if you can’t share it.

Private villas are perfect for small groups of people who want to spend as much time together as possible. Simply put, a spacious villa is the ideal setting for winding down, kicking back, and living it up with the ones you choose to enjoy your vacation with. They offer endless options for group fun and plenty of room for everyone to relax and even have some alone time if needed.

Sunny, airy, roomy, personal!

Think of your ideal holiday retreat. Now, let’s guess. It has ample spaces where no one can roam around but you, the sunshine, and the fresh air.

What you’re thinking of is a private luxury villa. You’re longing for a quality residence built to provide the finest living conditions a vacationer could ask for. And you’re right. Villas offer superior accommodation experiences in their extra-comfortable, well-lit, warm, and airy interiors. And they guarantee your peace and privacy every time you unwind in their discreet and calming outer spaces.

Mixing work and vacation has never been more relaxing

For most of us, the holidays never feel enough, and we always need more of that relaxation and sweet escape.

Now that remote work is a staple, the answer may be to prolong your vacation and bring your working hours into the mix. A luxury villa allows you to work in the best environment possible and still fully enjoy your holiday with your company. Villas offer everything necessary for you to work uninterrupted and be as productive as anywhere. The difference is you can begin your lunch break with a quick dip in the infinity pool!

So, are you ready to find the perfect villa for your next summer break? If yes, you’re welcome to take your pick from over 250 villas all over Greece and let Olive Villa Rentals offer you an unforgettable personalized hospitality experience.

Spetses: An All Year Destination

When we think of small picturesque islands, we likely see them as perfect for romantic getaways but not ideal vacation spots for families or adrenaline buffs.

But what if we told you there is a little island not far from Athens that offers a diverse vacation experience almost all year long?

Spetses is blessed with beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear beaches and a rich cultural and historical heritage. One of the few car-free locations in Greece, its charming port-town invites you to endless promenades around its cobblestone alleys. Here, you can relax on a serene beach, enjoy a summer read at a sophisticated cafe or try a traditional Greek dish at a local fish tavern. Alternatively, you can explore the island’s natural attractions by bus, bike, or hike. Or sink your teeth in local history and culture through the many sites, museums and chapels.

For those looking for an extra reason to visit, Spetses is also home to many cultural and athletic events that welcome thousands of participants and visitors. So, if you are a fan of cycling, running, swimming, sailing, or historical reenactments, why not take advantage of these exceptional occasions.

A Weekend in Tweed: time-traveling in style

What would be more fitting for a throwback tribute to the old-world lifestyle than a car-free island with a timeless cosmopolitan aura?

A Weekend in Tweed is a three-day celebration of retro bicycles, clothing, and attitudes. The event is organized by the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, with the support of the Hellenic Bicycle Museum. During the weekend, participants ride classic bikes around Spetses in vintage attire. They go sightseeing, bike through nature and enjoy chef-prepared English picnics, relaxing tea breaks and other fun activities like the colorful beauty pageant.

Spetsathlon: swim, run, bike, triumph!

Can a small Greek island be home to a world-class multi-sport event? Yes, and Spetses is living proof.

The Spetsathlon is an athletic event where participants can compete in one out of five different races. The Saturday appetizer consists of a 25k cycling race, two swimming events (1k and 3k) and a 5k run. On Sunday, it’s time for the main course. The world-renowned triathlon race comes in a short and a long version, respectively named Sprint and Endurance. Between races, visitors and athletes enjoy a string of social and cultural events where they can talk sports, have fun and make new friends.

Classic Yacht Regata: sailing at its purest

What’s the best backdrop for a classic sailboat race, if not a place with a rich naval and shipbuilding history?

Every June since 2011, Spetses becomes the ultimate hotspot for sailboat enthusiasts from Greece and around the world. The renowned Spetses Classic Yacht Regata is a three-day sailing competition featuring four types of classic and traditional vessels: yachts, caiques, lateens and dragons. It’s a magnificent spectacle that draws thousands of visitors each year and the only event of its kind where such diverse vintage boats race together.

The Armata Festival: history, in replay

The Spetsiotes were the first Greek islanders to raise the revolutionary flag against the Ottoman yoke, and they don’t forget to celebrate it. With a bang!

During the second week of September, locals organize a series of cultural events that build up to the commemoration of a glorious moment in Spetses history. The Armata is a week-long festival full of traditional dances, popular plays, art shows, and live concerts that end with a spectacular reenactment. As a narrator recounts the historical events, the port turns into a battleground where an effigy of the Ottoman Flagship is attacked by fireships until burned to ashes.

Mini Marathon: around Spetses in 90 minutes

Before the Spetsathlon became a big hit with sports fans, Spetses was home to another riveting athletic competition.

The Mini Marathon takes place close to the end of the touristic season, in October, when the island welcomes thousands of running and swimming fans from Greece and abroad. During the weekend, professionals and amateurs may compete in one of six different distances, at sea (1,5k, 3k, 5k) or on land (5k, 10k, 25k). The main event is the 25k race, a half marathon circling the island, giving runners the chance to enjoy a memorable route through the unique Spetses landscape.

So, how about adding a unique Spetses event to your bucket list?

Start Planning your Summer Trip

the port of Paros island during sunset. Plan your trip

Summer is just around the corner and the holiday planning has begun! After months of dreaming about potential destinations, it’s finally time to decide on your summer vacation. But where should you start from? What are the things you should consider? Don’t worry, the Olive Villa Rentals team is here to help you plan your summer trip.

Choose your company

First step is to know who you’re traveling with. Are you planning a family vacation, a trip with a friend group, or a romantic getaway with your significant other?

Set your intention

What you are looking to experience during your stay is important when choosing the destination. But whether you are looking for an adventure or a peaceful experience, an educational trip or a relaxing getaway, a secluded or a cosmopolitan experience, Greece offers for them all!

Find your destination

Now that you have set your expectations and goals, it is time to choose the perfect destination.
Here we have 4 top summer destinations that answer to every potential need.


Mykonos is definitely one of the most luxurious summer destinations. The highlight of Mykonos is its vivid nightlife, with tons of clubs and bars turning every night into a party. It is the perfect summer destination for young adults. But also, the various high end restaurants, luxury villas and private beach bars, make Mykonos a great destination for big families who are looking for both seclusion and vividness.

Top picks for Mykonos

Villa D’Oro

Villa D' Oro in Mykonos Greece, pool view, by Olive Villa Rentals

The ideal choice for couples, families or friends who are craving for luxury and privacy. Amazing outside areas that don’t compromise the interior’s comfort make Villa D’Oro an ideal romantic, relaxing and rejuvenating sanctuary.


Villa Etoile lighted and its pool at nighttime

Villa Etoile is a 2020 fully renovated modern luxury villa, a true gem for families or large groups of friends who are seeking moments of privacy. Bohemian style with elegant touches and stunning views of the Aegean Sea can spoil even the most demanding guests. And a great bonus: it’s located just a few minutes away from the Chora of Mykonos


Athens is the perfect destination for families with children, being a city that provides everything: Cosmopolitan lifestyle, museums and historical monuments, beaches and a variety of other activities.

Top picks for Athens

Villa Primavera

Villa Primavera's pool and view

One of the most prominent villas in Athens, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the islets of the Athenian riviera. Villa Primavera adheres to the highest standards of construction and decoration. Enjoy serene moments in the luxurious interiors or the ambient outdoors, as well as at the private gym with the hammam.

Villa Serenity

Villa Serenity in Athens, pool view

As its name suggests, Villa Serenity has the ideal setup for moments of calmness and peacefulness. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and relaxing moments by the pool in the most privileged location, just a breath away from beautiful, sandy beaches.

Porto Heli

Just a few hours away from Athens, Porto Heli is a promising hideaway retreat with a unique combination: a truly luxurious lifestyle along with the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea. If you are looking for moments of privacy, while still being right next to a cosmopolitan nightlife and water sport activities, Porto Heli is perfect for you!

Top picks for Porto Heli

Villa Rafaella

Villa Rafaella's exterior and its pool.

An imposing villa with Mediterranean neoclassical character, a dreamlike combination of luxury, quality and beauty. Villa Rafaella is a true summer oasis that offers for serene moments by the large private swimming pool. Unwind yourself by the tennis court, or just experience the allure of the moment around the beautiful gardens.

Villa Magnolia

Villa Magnolia and its pools, at sunset. Plan your trip

Being a masterpiece of modern architecture, the luxurious Villa Magnolia is a lush sanctuary. Amenities of the highest standards, a private helipad, beautiful balconies and large windows that offer 360 of classic Greek views, offer the ideal setup for the absolute lavish experience.


An island that combines it all: Bustling cities with bars and restaurants, picturesque villages, water sports and beach bars. Paros is becoming more popular by the year and we can definitely see why! If you are a group of friends who want to experience a variety of summer activities, Paros should be at the top of your list when you are about to plan your summer trip.

Top picks for Paros

Villa Skyness

Villa Skyness, its pool and sun beds. Start planning your trip

A true paradise on earth. Elegant interiors with sophisticated design and stunning outdoors give a high standards aesthetic to its guests. Relax by the large infinity pool that offers a stunning 180° sunset sea view or wander to the front crystal-clear water beach and surrender to the summer breeze.

Villa Intime

the exterior of Villa Intime, and its pool.

With a design inspired by Cycladic architecture but also equipped with state-of-the-art design elements, Villa Intime offers for the absolute luxurious experience. Enjoy relaxing moments by the large swimming pool and the splendid lounge and dining areas. And for the sports lovers, a tennis court, a basketball court and a private gym will be waiting for you.

Let’s create memories together!
Discover more luxurious Villas by Olive Villa Rentals in 26 locations, all over Greece, and plan your summer trip today.

Easter in Greece: An Unforgettable Experience

The marching band of Corfu in red


Easter is one of the most important holidays in Greece, celebrated in spring. As by the Orthodox Church, the Greek Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the rebirth of nature during spring. Even if you are not a devout religious person, you can’t help but get moved by the ceremonies and the way life begins again after winter.

But let’s see what makes Greek Easter so special!

The Food:

Greeks definitely know how to combine good food with fun activities!
Dying hard-boiled eggs red, baking delicious twisted bread also known as “Tsoureki” and Easter cookies and cooking “Magiritsa” soup are some of the most popular traditions.
The highlight of the Easter feast is the spit-roast lamb, slow cooked and served with various appetizers.

The festivities:

The Easter celebrations last for the whole of “Holy Week”, beginning on Palm and ending on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday, people gather around the Epitaph, a symbolic funeral bier of Jesus Christ, completely covered in flowers, and start a long walk holding lit candles, in order to pay their respects. A beautiful ceremony that even though it has a melancholic vibe, it is a truly unforgettable experience.

The biggest gathering takes place on Holy Saturday for the Anastasi Mass, which marks Christ’s Resurrection. Just before midnight, all the lights are turned off and the priest holds up the light of the eternal flame and lights the candles the congregation holds. Then, the celebration begins and fireworks light up the sky in every neighbourhood, creating a joyous atmosphere.

On Holy Sunday, the Resurrection is celebrated with a big outdoor lunch, with the famous roast lamb and many other traditional delicacies accompanied by music, dancing and the red egg cracking game.

Where to celebrate the Greek Easter:

No matter the place, Easter in Greece is celebrated with glory everywhere. But Easter at the Greek islands is definitely the most vivid! Visiting a Greek island during Easter not only offers the opportunity of participating in unique local traditions but also of enjoying the magical springtime Mediterranean weather. Whether you are craving to visit the Cyclades or an Ionian Island, the top two places to be for an unforgettable Greek Easter are Paros and Corfu.


Easter in Corfu

aerial photo of Corfu

The truth is, visiting Corfu during springtime to celebrate Easter can be an unforgettable experience.
The local celebrations are one-of-a-kind and will fill your heart with festive spirit!

The highlights of an Easter in Corfu definitely include the parade of epitaphs from all of the Town’s Churches. 33 epitaphs, that symbolise Jesus’ age, take place in town, elegantly decorated with flowers and ultimately gathering at the center of the Town. The crowds gather and follow the epitaphs, holding lit candles that light up the night, accompanied by philharmonic orchestras, each of which performs a special piece of music for the occasion. The procession of the majestic epitaph of Corfu Cathedral, which leaves the cathedral at 10 p.m. and returns near midnight, completes the epitaph procession rite and offers a truly captivating experience.

On Holy Saturday, after the “First Resurrection” at exactly 11 p.m. the bells of the churches chime joyously and Corfu Town hosts the so-called “Botides” custom. During Botides people toss large clay pots filled with water from their balconies or windows while the crowd watches the spectacle along with the sounds of the island’s philharmonics playing religious marches. This loud and vivid tradition is surely a unique experience!

Besides the Easter celebrations, visiting Corfu in spring allows you to explore the island more comfortably, as the temperatures are still not very high. Lush greenery, beautiful architecture, various churches and historical monuments are just a few of the various incredible things that Corfu has to offer!


Easter in Paros

paros port and fishing boats

Spring in Paros is filled with aromas of lavender and rosemary, while wildflower carpets adorn the island’s lush hillsides. At the same time Easter is celebrated in a beautiful and unique style, creating a sense of renewal and vividness.

Good Friday is of course, again, one of the highlights of Easter in Paros. An imposing ritual that depicts the Descent of Jesus Christ from the Cross takes place at the exceptional Byzantine cathedral of Panagia Ekatontapiliani during midday. Later, lunching at Prodromos village takes place, with delicious traditional chickpea soup and the day ends with recreations of the Passion of Christ at the villages of Marpissa, Marmara, Prodromos, Lefkes and Aspro Chorio.

On Holy Saturday the Resurrection is being celebrated with great glory at 12 a.m. with ringing bells and fireworks creating a spectacular breath-taking atmosphere.

On Easter Sunday the entire island celebrates, being filled with the smell of roast lamb, sounds of music and dancing along with the company of good wine.

At the port of Naoussa an all-day feast is being held by all the restaurants, while at Marpissa the celebration of “Agapi” (Love) takes place.

Spending an Easter Holiday in Greece and participating in these unique customs and festivities will not only make you feel like a local, but will also give you one-of-a-kind experiences and extraordinary memories that you will never stop cherishing.

Daydreaming of Summertime

Corfu town aerial picture

Corfu: Where European sophistication meets the beauty of Greece


The island of Corfu, located in northwestern Greece and a part of the Ionian Archipelagos, is one of the top travel destinations all year round.

Its rich multicultural heritage is evident in every aspect of the island, from architecture to gastronomy. Picturesque allies, a cosmopolitan town and traditional villages hidden in the mountains create a perfect mix of European modernity and Greek tradition, an immaculate aesthetic.

The heart of Corfu, known as the Old Town, offers sights of astounding buildings and villas that emerge from the Venetian era, as well as impressive museums and ancient ruins; Making it a beautifully preserved center of culture and a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do in Corfu
In the Old Town, you’ll feel like a vintage movie star.
The elegant buildings with neoclassical characteristics, such as the Palace of St Michael and St George, Liston Arcade, Reading Society, the Catholic Cathedral, Maitland Rotunda, Ionian Parliament and the Kapodistrias family’s residence, never fail to impress. You’ll feel like a star in a period film, strolling through Campiello’s renowned lanes.

Take your camera for a visit to the islands of Cannon and Mouse.
The famed Vlacherna islet, with its 17th-century monastery devoted to the Virgin Mary, joined to the mainland by a small causeway and the diminutive Pontikonisi, which translates as Mouse Island, barely large enough to accommodate the Pantokrator Monastery, are two signature sights of Corfu. On Easter Monday, Mass is held here.

Explore more sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters.
Glyfada, Dasia, Ermones, Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Kavos, Kontokali, Benitses, Halikounas… From hidden scenic coves to big, bustling expanses of sand with beach bars, taverns, stores and water sports, the choice of beaches is infinite.


Your luxurious getaway 

This month’s 4 favourite Villas are: 


Villa Sublime-olive-rentals
Villa Sublime by Olive Rentals

Villa Sublime

Villa Sublime at a glance
The high-end luxurious Villa Sublime is truly an earthly paradise of carefreeness and serenity for its guests providing the perfect retreat and a classic Mediterranean escape in the lush hills of the emerald island of Greece. Ideally located in the cosmopolitan Corfu Island, Villa Sublime is a spectacular hillside villa with an unparalleled 180-degree impeccable view of the Ionian Sea. The lavish 1000m² Villa Sublime lies on 2 levels.

villa Glow-olive-rentals
Villa Glow by Olive Rentals

Villa Glow

Peacefully located in the Kanoni area of Corfu, Villa Glow provides panoramic unobstructed sea views over the Pontikonissi island. The elegant and luxurious property is nestled among the forest, offering seclusion and privacy to its guests. The wonderful 750m² Villa Glow consists of three independent units.

Villa Harmony-Olive-Rentals
Villa Harmony by Olive Rentals

Villa Harmony

Villa Harmony at a glance
Situated within a magnificent green scenery by the sea, in the area of Dassia, on the east coast of Corfu. Spacious and functional, the fully-equipped villa combines comfort and quality, while it is furnished in minimalist taste by one of the most renowned Greek designers.


Villa Cleo by Olive Rentals

Villa Cleo
Villa Cleo at glance

The 540m² Villa Cleo has been designed to provide a fabulous island retreat, complemented by stunning 180⁰ sea views and a 22m x 5m infinity heated swimming pool, including tub, plus additional in-water sun loungers area. It is the ideal destination for guests seeking privacy and tranquility.

If you have been thinking of summer 2022 destinations, think no further. Check out all of Olive Rentals’ Villas in Corfu, start planning your trip and give us a call!

Spetses beaches by Olive Villa Rentals

Beaches in Spetses


Spetses Beaches

Spetses beaches


An island without beaches, is like a Greek salad without tomatoes! In Spetses you will not find the endless sandy beaches, but you will have the opportunity to swim in beautiful, crystal clear beaches, either in fully organized spots, or in hidden locations…even in some pristine coves! Just make sure you add this unique destination to your bucket list, and start packing!

The Beaches within walking distance

Agios Mamas

Agios Mamas is the beach of the city of Spetses, next to the port, with sand and pebbles. It is preferred mainly by locals and families with small children as an easily accessible beach, for a quick swim.

Agia Marina

One of the most popular beaches on the island. It is only 10 minutes’ walking time from the port of Spetses (Dapia). At the beach of Agia Marina, you will find a very organized beach bar with excellent cocktails, a fine restaurant, as well as an organized water sports school.


Kaiki Beach

Next to the old prestigious Anargyrios School, lies the famous Kaiki Beach, an organized beach with small pebbles, sunbeds and cabanas. There is also a restaurant and water sports as well as a beach bar for dancing, cool cocktails and fun.

Kaiki beach, Spetses
The cosmopolitan Kaiki beach in Spetses

Vrellos beach

The beautiful pine-covered beach of Vrellos is a safe option for anyone to combine a swim with sunbathing, as there is a Beach Bar and a canteen to relax. The beach has white pebbles and is a few minutes outside Spetses.

Vrellos beach, Spetses
Vrellos beach, just a few minutes outside Spetses town

Beaches outside Spetses

Most of the following beaches can also be accessed by public & private transfer. Heowver, they are most usually accessed by boat, independently or as part of a daily tour.

Zogeria Bay

The bay of Zogeria is the most picturesque place to swim in privacy. Blue-green bays appear in front of you, offering a unique landscape and an unforgettable experience. Do not forget to try the traditional recipes in Loula tavern, operating there for more than 20 years.

Zogeria beach in Spetses
The amazing Zogeria beach in Spetses

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi is small beach located at the back side of the island. It is a semi-organized beach with crystal turquoise waters and small pebbles, and offers you the privacy you may be looking for when spending holidays on a cosmopolitan island.

Aerial View of Agia Paraskevi beach, Spetses
Capturing the turqoise water & green pine trees in Agia Paraskevi

Agioi Anargyroi

Like the beach of Agia Paraskevi, Agioi Anargyroi beach is located at the back side of the island. Apart from the water sports you can practice over there, there is also a unique possibility to explore and swim in the famous Bekiris’ cave, accessed either from the path that leads to the cave or from the sea. The beach in Agioi Anargyroi has small pebbles and sand.

Agioi Anargiroi beach, Spetses
Unforgettable sunsets in Agioi Anargiroi beach

Day trips

One of the most popular activities when in Spetses, is to explore the many private beaches and coves of the island by taking a day boat trip around the island. You can practically rent any kind of boat that you desire. From a local sea taxi, to a private caique (traditional fishing boat), or even a luxury motor yacht.

Another excellent option is to rent a speed boat or a motor yacht to enjoy a full day in the nearby islands and coastal destinations (Hydra, Dokos, southern Peloponnese).

Our experienced crew is always available to provide a unique experience that will make your holidays unforgettable!

boat trips olive villa rentals
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*A huge “Thank you” to Michael Liaroutsos for sharing his beautiful drone photos with us