Spetses in Fall: A Fiery Bite of Greek History

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If you find yourself in Spetses during early September, you’re in for a special treat. It’s the time of year when locals commemorate their victorious battle against the Ottoman fleet during the Greek War of Independence. The renowned Armata festival offers locals and visitors a colorful blend of cultural events that peaks with the annual re-enactment of the historic naval battle.

Relive a heroic moment in time

The War of Independence of 1821 is a momentous period in Greek history. A large part of that war transpired at sea. The small island of Spetses was home to many brave men and women who left their mark on the victorious campaign.

In September 1822, the Greeks besieged the city of Nafplio by land and sea. The naval forces sent by the Ottomans to relieve Nafplio met resistance from a Greek fleet based in Spetses. As history goes, the decisive moment was when local captain Kosmas Barbatsis charged his fireship at the enemy Flagship. The Ottomans fled and eventually lost the battle in the clash that followed.

Thankful for their victory, the people of Spetses believed it came with divine help from Virgin Mary. Their tribute was to build a chapel in the old port and name it Panagia Armata after her.

Share the Spetsiotes’ pride

The Armata is a week-long festival, annually held in glorious memory of the victorious Naval Battle of Spetses. As a unique tourist attraction, it offers visitors an opportunity to dive into the island’s rich cultural heritage and salute world-famous historical figures, like the fearless naval commander Laskarina Bouboulina.

Every second week of September, local authorities organize a string of diverse cultural events, like traditional dances, popular plays, live concerts, art exhibitions, etc. On September 8th, the day Virgin Mary was born, a special mass is held at the Panagia Armata chapel and the town’s main church.

Eventually, it all builds up to the festival’s most anticipated attraction for locals and visitors alike: the live re-enactment of the battle. That night, makeshift fireships sail back and forth while a narrator recounts the historical events amidst repeated cannonades. In the grand finale, the Spetses sky lights up by the ritual burning of the Ottoman Flagship and the spectacular fireworks show that follows.

Enjoy a wholesome experience

Greek summertime is often prolonged to mid-fall due to good weather conditions and a steady flow of foreign visitors. In most islands, the tourist season lasts until the end of October, albeit without the bustling beaches and lush nightlife of mid-summer.

Such loud contrast is unknown to Spetses, a place with timeless qualities, an enchanting cosmopolitan aura, and a noble but low-key character that stays the same all year long.

In autumn, when hot days become warm, it’s the perfect time to savor what the island has to offer. Without the summer heat, you can enjoy strolling around the car-free town’s picturesque cobblestone alleys. Far from the high season, you can experience the serenity and calming vibes of the island’s beautiful beaches. And free from summertime idleness, you can appreciate the cultural wealth of Spetses through its museums, sites, and one-of-a-kind events like the Armata festival.

As for the sportive types, in October the island becomes the ultimate hot spot for running aficionados. The Spetses mini marathon is a three-day sporting event with long-distance races for both runners and swimmers that welcomes more than five thousand visitors every year.


Villa Arte 

Villa Arte aerial photo

Villa Arte won the Gold Award in Tourism Awards 2022 as the Family Villa of the Year!
It’s the ideal accommodation for families who seek luxury and privacy in the island of Spetses. The stone built Villa is a magnificent residence with a soothing, welcoming atmosphere, creating a tranquil environment.

Villa Aloni

Villa Aloni view during sunset

Villa Aloni is a brand-new construction (2020). Following the unique architecture of the aristocratic Spetsian Mansions, the property is located in the heart of a 22-acres plot of Mediterranean lush plantation. This iconic property offers for isome memorable relaxing holiday experience. At the same time, the vivid center of Spetses remains a mere 10 minutes walking distance.

Villa Filotimi

Villa Filotimi Pool

This bohemian island oasis offers a minimalistic design concept inspired by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy. Focused on accepting the imperfect nature of life and things. ‘Wabi’ refers to a sense of understated rustic elegance or natural simplicity. Meanwhile ‘Sabi’ is an ode to imperfection, or seeing beauty in the flaws that come with time.

Villa Lilium

Villa Lilium by night

Enjoy the panoramic views from Villa Lilium’s balconies, as the sea meets the sky on the horizon. The modern design of the villa offers an amazing escape opportunity for visitors who are seeking seclusion and relaxation moments.

Villa Pegasus

Villa Pegasus

Neoclassical and Mediterranean influences give form to Pegasus. Large, spacious rooms await to host your holidays with comfort. Outside, patios with pergolas invite you to spend your days under the sun, between the green gardens of jasmine and vines. The swimming pool is a suitable alternative for those preferring a refreshing morning dip within the privacy of the property.

Villa Marelia

Villa Marelia

Peacefully located on the cosmopolitan island of Spetses, the lavish Villa Marelia invites its guests for endless moments of tranquility. The Villa offers majestic sea views of the Argosaronic Gulf. It is the perfect getaway for a wonderful and private experience. The two-level property offers spacious indoor and outdoor areas creating a relaxing atmosphere and is the ideal getaway for families or large groups of friends.

So, are you ready for a unique, unforgettable autumn vacation?



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