Villas ideal for Large Groups, Corporate Retreats and Exclusive Events

Discover handpicked luxury villas tailored for corporate retreats, yoga getaways, and destination weddings. Explore our ideal villas now!

Corporate living has taken a big turn these days towards combining business with pleasure and team-building with self-improving experiences. Hence, the rising need for luxury properties ready to accommodate business colleagues in ultra-comfortable spaces that offer opportunities for both co-working and co-relaxing! Just imagine coming out of a heavy-duty executive meeting in an airy lounge […]

Meet our new villas: a bouquet of luxury, exclusivity, and opulence

Meet our new entries: a bouquet of luxury

Committed to delivering the finest luxury hospitality experiences, Olive Villa Rentals is constantly expanding its already rich portfolio. Every year, we personally select a number of new villas to add to our carefully curated list of high-quality properties that meet every need, desire, and luxury travel trend. Based on our extensive experience as travelers and […]

This summer, travel off the beaten track for an unforgettable Greek holiday

Plan your dream summer vacation in Greece with Olive Villa Rentals. Discover luxury properties tailored to your personality on Santorini, Kea, Crete, Serifos, and Kefalonia.

As a bonafide summertime haven attracting heaps of tourists every year, Greece might give the impression that there’s nothing hidden under the Mediterranean sun anymore. Yet, for the restless traveler always looking for new places, experiences, and flavors, Greece still has many hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-track destinations to choose for an exceptional holiday. While the […]

The Ultimate Guide to choosing the perfect villa


Spending your summer vacation in a private villa is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Yet, it’s only the first step in making your holidays unique and unforgettable. Before booking your luxury vacation residence, you should explore your options and make sure your final choice perfectly matches your tastes and preferences. Just check […]

Top reasons to spend Christmas in Athens

acropolis by night

Christmas is a family holiday, and people usually spend their time off with their loved ones in the warmth of their homes. Yet, the holidays are also a great time to travel, and many people choose to experience the Christmas spirit far from home at some picturesque mountain resort or a lively metropolis. For the […]

Reasons for you to book a private villa for your next vacation


Today, the hospitality industry offers vacationers many options for organizing the holidays of their dreams. Among them is one that’s on the rise, slowly becoming a favorite for individuals, couples, and families looking for the most luxurious and relaxing vacation they have ever had. Luxury villas are architectural masterpieces sitting in secluded, breathtaking locations across […]

Start Planning your Summer Trip

the port of Paros island during sunset. Plan your trip

Summer is just around the corner and the holiday planning has begun! After months of dreaming about potential destinations, it’s finally time to decide on your summer vacation. But where should you start from? What are the things you should consider? Don’t worry, the Olive Villa Rentals team is here to help you plan your […]

Easter in Greece: An Unforgettable Experience

The marching band of Corfu in red

  Easter is one of the most important holidays in Greece, celebrated in spring. As by the Orthodox Church, the Greek Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the rebirth of nature during spring. Even if you are not a devout religious person, you can’t help but get moved by the ceremonies and the […]